Struggling with how to do Disneyland Paris? This is the greatest 1 Day in Walt Disney Studios Plan (everything you need to know!)

You are dancing on air because you are travelling to Walt Disney Studios in Paris. But can you squeeze everything into one day? With even more exciting attractions and shows to experience in a tight time frame, you must have a plan of attack. This complete guide will walk you step-by-step through your perfect 1 day in Walt Disney Studios. It is like having a personal tour guide in your back pocket! 

The Hollywood Hotel (Tower of Terror) at looks majestic against a pastel sunset in Walt Disney Studios Paris

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FAQ 1: Who is this 1 day in Walt Disney Studios plan for?

This plan is perfect for you if visiting Walt Disney Studios for one day and your main focus is on rides and iconic attractions. 

You could also incorporate this 1-day Walt Disney Studios plan into an itinerary for a longer trip. Then, use your additional day/days to visit Disneyland Paris Park and or to re-visit your favourite attractions at Walt Disney Studios. 

(Psst… Do you need the Perfect Day Plan for the main Disneyland Park? That guide is linked here: The Perfect 1-Day Plan for Disneyland Paris – original park. OR do you want to do BOTH parks in 1 day? That guide is linked here: 1-day 2 park plan for Disneyland Paris.)

FAQ 2: I’m confused on Disneyland Paris park hopper tickets. Which one should I buy for 1 day in Walt Disney Studios?

The ticket you need to buy for this Walt Disney Studios plan is a 1-day 1-park ticket for Disneyland Paris.

How this guide will save you money

What I love about this perfect 1-day Walt Disney Studios plan is that a 1-park ticket is cheaper than a park hopper ticket. There is so much to fill your day that it is not necessary to pay more for a park hopper pass. (That’s money you can save for Mickey snacks!)

Money saving tip: Using this 1-park 1-day Walt Disney Studios plan you will only need a single park day ticket rather than a park hopper pass.

I highly recommend to buy discount Disneyland Paris tickets. They have been our favourite ticket retailer for almost 10 years because they are reliable. They often do promotions for free Disney+ or PhotoPass pictures. I also love that their prices are always lower than buying directly from Disney.

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Tween and teen boy in front of Studio 1 Walt Disney Studios Paris. A golden banner with Mickey Mouse is behind them

1 day at Walt Disney Studios Plan – Jump into the movies! 

If you have already experienced the delights of the original Disneyland park, then you are really going to enjoy its sister park, Walt Disney Studios. 

Because everyone loves a good sequel! 

How is Walt Disney Studios different to Disneyland Paris park?

At its opening in 2002, Walt Disney Studios focussed on show business and movie themes.

The Studios have since expanded to include a wider range of attractions inspired by more recent Disney storytelling from Pixar and Marvel

If Disneyland Park is about classic Disney experiences, Walt Disney Studios is about embracing the more modern cinematic adventures.

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What to do in the morning for your 1 day in Walt Disney Studios

⏰ 08:30/9:30 am to noon –

You will need an early start to maximise your Disney experiences today. Aim to be at the entrance of Walt Disney Studios 20-30 minutes before opening time

Pro Tip #1 If you are staying at a Disney Hotel, you may be able to benefit from Extra Magic Time. This is an extra hour in the morning at one or both of the Disney parks. Be sure to check for which park has EMT for the day you are visiting. You can either look on the Disneyland Paris calendar  or ask at your hotel. 

 1. Setting the scene: The Earffel Tower and Fantasia Mickey 

Walt Disney Studios is located on the far left of Disneyland Park. As you approach the entrance, look up to see a faux water tower complete with a set of Mickey ears. This is affectionately known as the Earffel Tower (a play on the Paris Eiffel Tower). 

Fantasia Mickey Fountain, text reads 1 park 1 day perfect plan for Walt Disney Studios
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After you pass through the ticket gates, stop for a photo in the Front Lot with the impressive Sorcerer’s Fountain. Fantasia Mickey is commanding his magic brooms to carry buckets of water. 

Just beyond might be Goofy doing a meet and greet outside the entrance to Studio 1. And inside the ‘backstage’ studio it is Hollywood at night, all aglow with neon in homage to Tinsel Town’s Sunset Boulevard. It looks even more beautiful at Christmas when they add decorations, sparkly tinsel and even more lights.

Don’t dawdle here  

Make haste to your first attraction of the day before the park gets busy. Exit the studio doors and go straight out and behind the Partners Statue. 

Fun Fact The Partners Statue of Walt and Mickey is one of 5 identical statues around the world. Later today, you might see a PhotoPass photographer here, and it’s worth getting a snap. 

Travel behind the Partners Statue to a palm tree-lined lane leading straight to the back of the park. Where it forks, turn right (the opposite way to Tower of Terror). This path will lead you past the larger-than-life Buzz Lightyear and to a beautiful little section of Paris. Here you will find the home of a very small chef! 

Two Disney cast members outside Remy

2. Ahh, Paris! Where cheese is the size of a car?!

Place de Remy is a picturesque little cul-de-sac showcasing the wonderful Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Shrink down to the size of an extraordinary chef rat and scoot around a sometimes-perilous kitchen in this 4d trackless dark ride. 

Suitable for all ages, Ratatouille is a highly popular attraction. But first thing in the morning you should be finished in about 40-45 minutes.

The queue inside is a very pretty recreation of the Parisian rooftops at night, the glowing Gusteau sign coming to life above you. The music is romantic, and the atmosphere is relaxed. The perfect way to begin your 1 day in Walt Disney Studios! 

Good to know Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure has no minimum height requirement.

Gourmet food stands in Walt Disney Studios

3. Savour a gourmet delight (Yum)

All that scurrying around a kitchen puts us in the mood for filling our bellies! 

Now is a great time to grab a snack from L’hiver Gourmand de Disneyland Paris

The burgundy chalets lining Place de Remy change their delicious menus seasonally, but you will always find a selection of sweet and savoury crepes. Plus, varieties of soup, cheesy potatoes or desserts. You can also order a coffee, hot chocolate, champagne or even a mulled wine. 

Seating is informal and outside, or you can take your food and drink to go. 

Good to know There’s a restroom next to the souvenir shop Chez Marianne. 

When you’re finished in mini-Paris, head to the exit nearest the fountain with the spraying champagne bottles. 

Filmore, a green talking VW bus, is part of Cars Road Trip in Disneyland Paris

4. Rev Up for Route 66

If you haven’t been to Walt Disney Studios in a while, you may be surprised to see that the Great Movie Ride has been replaced. In its place is a highway adventure that similarly falls victim to catastrophic earthquake disasters. 

Cars Road Trip is at the very back of the park. From the exit past the champagne fountain, you will turn right. (The opposite way of Toy Story Land.) 

Past the food truck is the entrance to Cars Road Trip. If you are early enough, a tour will be departing within 10 minutes. 

Good to know Cars Road Trip has no minimum height requirement.

Cars Road Trip is not necessarily a must-do at Disneyland Paris. But it is a light-hearted diversion with fun photo opportunities. It is worth a visit when you are nearby and if the wait time is still low. 

1 day Walt Disney Studios plan

Want to take this perfect 1 day plan Walt Disney Studios with you? Instantly print this PDF one page guide. Also included is a blank page for extra days or a future trip to Walt Disney Studios, Paris. Available now in the Crepes and Castles Etsy shop. 

5. Train with the best!

Now that you have rested your legs, it is time to pick up the pace again. 

Walk back to where you came from mini-Paris and you will see a fork in the road. It’s faster to take the route back through Place de Remy, but you could also cut through Toy Story Playland. Either way, you want to end up at Buzz Lightyear again. 

Turn right onto the path you travelled earlier this morning. You will see the carts flogging cotton candy, a bit of Stitch merchandise and vegan food. Walk straight past Tower of Terror and you will end up in Production Courtyard. 

Finally, to your right, you will see signs for Marvel Avengers Campus

Captain America demonstrates his heroic skills and trains a group of eager children in Marvel's Avengers Campus
Calling all Superheroes

Get your camera ready because all sorts of action will unfold before your eyes.

The Marvel Avengers Campus is the newest and most popular addition to Disneyland Paris. What sets it apart from the rest of Walt Disney Studios (and even Disneyland Park), is that the characters are actually using the space. 

Spider-Man will leap onto a rooftop, Star-Lord and Gamora will host a dance-off, and Captain America will inspire heroic training exercises. 

Nothing is scheduled, so you never know what you will see. 

Peter Parker demonstrates his latest invention - the Spider-bot.

6. Tom Hardy with an accent

Your first priority is going to be Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure. Hopefully, it’s now around 11:15 am and wait times are around 60 to 75 minutes. You’ve beat the morning rush, so that’s still a good time.

Pro tip #2 Travelling by yourself? Or you don’t mind splitting up your party? Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure has a single rider line. 

‘Single Rider’ is an option where a ride will fill in the space of an odd-numbered party.

For example, since this ride seats 4 people, a group of 3 will leave a seat free. That seat is filled by one person from the single rider line. 

Single Rider will have an average wait of 25-40 minutes when the regular queue is 80 minutes. So, it can be an effective way to save time if you don’t mind riding by yourself. 

Pro tip #3 You could also consider purchasing a Premier Pass for Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure if it’s in your budget. A Premier Pass will substantially cut your wait time to almost nothing. It costs around €13 per person for a popular ride such as Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure. If you decide you want to purchase this, try to do it in the morning because the passes can sell out before lunchtime.

A crowd gathers around the pre-show area in Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure

Good to know Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure is suitable for all ages of any height.

In the pre-show, Peter Parker does an engaging presentation in French with English subtitles. Then you will board your vehicle to battle an out-of-control army of Spider-Bots. 

The fun part is that your arms will shoot ‘webs!’ Similar to the Ninjago attraction at Legoland, innovative technology will track your hands and arms and empower you to shoot and destroy the malfunctioning Spider-Bots. 

If you’re as enthusiastic as me, you will not only gain the highest score in your car, you will emerge with toned (and slightly burning) biceps! 

Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure is a must-do at Walt Disney Studios. But be warned, the exit-through-the-gift-shop might tempt you to burn €70 on one of those Spider-Bots…

Next up…

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