12 Expert Disneyland Paris Show Tips Super Fans Swear By (+ SECRET TRICKS For Better Seats!)

If you thought Disneyland Paris was only about the rides, you are in for a treat! The shows are where the real magic happens. Spectacular musicals, parades, fireworks and drone shows are happening throughout the day in both parks. Plus, you can’t beat a Disney show when the weather turns bad! In this first-timer’s guide to Disneyland Paris show tips, we will talk about what you need to know before you go. So you can make the most of all the exciting entertainment.

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In this post, we will cover all these Disneyland Paris SHOW TIPS for first-timers:

  • How to get the best seats
  • Language barriers to watch out for
  • Paying for upgrades
  • Finding show times
  • And, special bonus tips to give you the best advantage!
  • Note: If you want to brush up on everything available to see, check out the first part of this blog series: 9 FREE Disneyland Paris Shows
Disneyland Paris show tips for The Lion King include getting there early. The performer is dressed as a lion and lit in green with thick layers of smoke coming down the stage.

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Disneyland Paris Show Tip #1: Know the Show Times (and How to Get the Best Seats!)

Disneyland Paris shows operate on a first-come first-served basis for seating. Meaning that the earlier you queue up, the better your chances of getting the best seats.

But don’t worry. Even if you don’t queue up early, all the theatres have pretty good seating throughout. And, for the smaller theatres, like Frozen, Disney Junior Dream Factory and Stitch Live!, you can’t go wrong.

However, if you really want to have the best views, then you should know that the bigger theatres have the least advantageous seating at the back. So make sure to get there even earlier for Mickey and the Magician, The Lion King and Pixar Adventure if you want to be near the front.

Let’s talk about show times and how early to queue.

⏰ How to Find Your Disneyland Paris Show Time Schedule

To plan your day effectively, get to know the show, parade and firework times. To get your Disneyland Paris show time schedule:

  1. Download the Disneyland Paris app, if you have not done so already.
  2. On the first page, scroll a little down and tap ‘View calendar.’ Select the date of your visit on the top (or leave that alone if you are looking for today’s schedule).
  3. Under ‘Entertainment,’ you will see the times of all the daytime and nighttime shows in both parks.

Typical Disneyland Paris Show Schedule

If you are curious about the Disneyland Paris show schedule, this will give you an idea of a typical day. Note: The Disneyland Paris show schedule can change daily. Be sure to check the app for a current schedule (see above).

Mickey and the Magician

14:00, 15:05, 16:10, 18:25, 19:30

Frozen: A Musical Invitation

10:30, 11:15, 12:00, 12:45, 13:30, 14:15, 15:00, 15:45, 16:30, 17:15, 18:00, 18:45

TOGETHER: a Pixar Musical Adventure

11:10, 12:40, 15:15, 16:30

Stitch Live!

10:00 (French), 10:20 (French), 10:40 (French), 11:00 (French), 11:20 (French), 13:40 (French), 14:00 (English), 14:20 (French), 14:40 (English), 15:00 (French), 15:20 (English), 15:40 (French), 16:00 (English), 16:20 (French), 16:40 (English), 17:00 (French), 17:20 (French), 17:40 (French)

The Disney Junior Dream Factory

13:00, 13:55, 14:45, 17:05, 18:00

The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands

12:15, 13:15, 15:50, 16:50

A Million Splashes of Colour (parade)

11:05, 12:30, 14:55, 16:10
Disney Stars on Parade: 17:30

Disney Electrical Sky Parade (drone show)


Disney Dreams! Nighttime Extravaganza (castle projections and fireworks)


Disneyland Paris Show Tip #2: Queue at the Right Time


Disneyland Paris shows are enormously popular. So how early do you actually need to arrive to secure a good seat or viewing spot?

Here I have my top tips for first-timers on how early you should arrive to get the best seats or the best viewing areas.

Queue Times for Disneyland Park Shows

The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands – Queue 1 hour to 1 ½ hours before
A Million Splashes of Colour – Arrive around 30 minutes before
Disney Stars on Parade – Find a viewing spot around 30 minutes before. If you are on a curb, be sure to go to the edge of it so that others don’t stand in front of you.
Disney Electrical Sky Parade – Try to view from the Discoveryland side if you don’t like crowds. Arrive 1-2 hours before to be near the front, or around 15 minutes before for further back. The sky drone show lasts about 5 minutes and happens shortly before Disney Dreams!.
Disney Dreams! – See the Electrical Sky Parade above.

Queue Times for Walt Disney Studios Shows

Mickey and the Magician – Get there one hour before.
Disney Junior Dream Factory – Aim for 30 minutes before at least. You might need an hour or more in busy periods.
Frozen: A Musical Invitation – To be on the safe side, try and queue 1 hour and 15 minutes before. Or, join the queue just after the park opens for the first show. This venue has a lower capacity than the other shows, so the wait is longer.
Together: A Pixar Musical Adventure – Typically expect to queue about 1 hour before. During low season, you can try for 30 minutes before if you don’t mind sitting more towards the back.
Stitch Live! – Arrive 5 minutes before, or 10 minutes before in busy seasons. This show is repeated frequently throughout the day, so there is no rush to get here early.

Disneyland Paris Show Tip #3: Know About Guaranteed Access Tickets

?! FAQ Do I need to buy tickets for Disneyland Paris shows?

All Disneyland Paris shows, rides, attractions, and character meets are free and already included in your standard park ticket. The only thing you have to pay for is dining and merchandise.

However, Disneyland Paris offers optional premium upgrades.

For selected parades and shows you can purchase Guaranteed Access (shows) or access to Preferred Viewing Areas (parades and fireworks).

Indoor Stage Shows: The Lion King, Mickey and the Magician, and TOGETHER: a Pixar Musical Adventure
Cost: €15 for Guaranteed Access. This entitles you to turn up 15 minutes before the show and enter the theatre before the standard queue. This will save you about 45 minutes of queuing time, or more in busy seasons. Also, you will likely be seated in the most favourable area of the theatre.

Parade: Disney Stars on Parade
Cost: €19 for the Reserved Viewing Area. This means you will be allowed to watch from a specially designated area with a good view of the Disney Stars on Parade. You only have to turn up shortly before the parade, saving you about an hour. It is also less crowded than some of the other areas. ✏️ PRO TIP The earlier you turn up, the closer to the front you will be. I recommend coming about 30 minutes if you want to be towards the front.

Nighttime Shows: Disney Electrical Sky Parade and Disney Dreams!
Cost: €19 for the Reserved Viewing Area. This means you will be allowed to stand in a specially designated area with an excellent view of the castle and projections. You only have to turn up shortly before the show, saving you at least an hour and avoiding the heavy crowds. However, I recommend turning up 1 hour before if you want to be at the front of that area.

?! FAQ Is it worth it to pay for Guaranteed Access to Disneyland Paris shows?

In my opinion, it is not necessary to buy upgrades to watch the Disneyland Paris shows. For comparison, most rides also incur a 30–60-minute wait and those experiences only last a few minutes. Shows are also about an hour wait, but they last longer, are spectacular experiences, and give you a bit of a rest during your busy park day.

When to Consider the Guaranteed Access

While it is unnecessary to buy it, the paid Guaranteed Access upgrade can be helpful in some situations.

If you are not comfortable standing in a queue for an hour and don’t qualify for a disabled access pass, then the Guaranteed Access upgrade might be a good upgrade for your Disneyland Paris shows.

Also, if you are visiting at very busy times like Easter, Christmas, Halloween, and Summer, then the wait for shows can be even longer than usual, so this ticket could save you considerably more queuing.

Finally, if you are on a short Disneyland Paris trip, then buying Guaranteed Access might save you precious time, allowing you to accomplish even more in your park day.

➡️ For more information including how to purchase Guaranteed Access or Preferred Viewing Areas, check out Magical Extras on the Disneyland Paris official website.

♿ Disneyland Paris Show Tip #4: If You are Entitled, Look for Priority Access Queues

Do you have a Disney Priority Access Pass? There is a separate queue for all shows which grants you priority access for all shows. It also usually includes the 4 people travelling with you. Ask a cast member if you need help finding the Priority Access queue.

✏️ PRO TIP Check out the Disneyland Paris website to apply for a Priority Access Card before your trip.

Disneyland Paris Show Tip #5: Be Prepared for Some French


Of course, you will expect that the Disneyland Paris shows will be partly in French. But don’t worry if you only speak English. Almost all the lines in all the shows are re-phrased from French to English and vice-versa.

✏️ PRO TIP If your child is a huge fan of Elsa, let them know ahead of time that she sings ‘Let it Go’ in French, so they are not too surprised or disappointed. Encourage them to embrace the differences, it’s great to get even a little bit of culture by hearing our favourite Disney characters speaking in French.

Everyone will be able to follow the action on the stages, and the familiar Disney stories are conveyed clearly.

The exception to this is Stitch Live! – two versions of the show are available throughout the day, one in French and the other in English. Check showtimes to find the performance with your preferred language.

35 page Disneyland Paris planner bundle with checklists, packing lists, park itinerary, outfit planners and more!
35-page Disneyland Paris planner bundle with checklists, packing lists, park itinerary, outfit planners and more!

Disneyland Paris Show Tip #6: Check Timings and Adjust Your Plans


Most Disneyland Paris theatre shows are around 30-35 minutes long.

The exceptions are Stitch Live! which is about 10 minutes and Disney Junior Dreams Factory which is 20 minutes.

The Disney Electrical Sky Parade is about 5 minutes and the Disney Dreams! Nighttime Extravaganza is 20 minutes long.

🍿Disneyland Paris Show Tip #7: Know the Rules on Food and Drink


As you will likely be waiting about an hour for a show (except Stitch Live! which is usually no wait), I recommend taking snacks with you to enjoy in the queue, especially if you have children.

However, food and drink are not allowed inside any of the theatres.

Disneyland Paris Show Tip #8: Rest Your Legs


While there is no formal seating, in most cases, you can sit on the ground as soon as they have packed everybody into the queuing area, and people have stopped shuffling around.

✏️ PRO TIP Many Disney guests take these game-changing portable folding stools to sit on.

Disneyland Paris Show Tip #9: Can You Leave a Queue?


You can quickly leave a queue if you have other party members holding your space. This is easier to do at The Lion King as most of the queue loops around outdoors. For Frozen, Mickey and the Magician and Pixar Adventure it is possible to leave, but also it is a tough squeeze to get back in. So, try to use the restrooms beforehand.

Disneyland Paris Show Tip #10: Yikes, What if a Show is Sold-Out?


Check the signs above the theatre (especially for Frozen) that may say ‘Show full.’ Cast members should be on hand as well to tell you not to join the queue unless you know it is for a later show. And double-check the signs or the Disneyland Paris app to make sure there IS a later show.

Disneyland Paris Stars on Parade with Olaf and a giant wooden rocking horse resembling Sven

Disneyland Paris Show Tip #11: Where to Stand for the Parades


A top tip for first-timers is that A Million Splashes of Colour has dancers performing on the fours stages inside the hub. But, make sure not to stand inside the white boxes as cast members will ask you to move later. You can stand just behind those lines and get a good view of the characters using that space to cross through.

Another great spot to view this parade is on the outer edge of the central hub. You could try standing near the Adventureland entrance for another chance to interact with characters.

Disney Stars on Parade does not have dancers on the castle stages. For this one, you can still get a good view of the floats from the central hub. Or, I like to watch this one from the park entrance. You can even sit on a curb and rest your legs while you’re waiting for it to start!


I talked about my secret spot for Disney Dreams! in my 2-day Disneyland Paris trip report during half-term.

If you are not keen on waiting for an hour or more in a prime spot for the fireworks, I have a little secret for you. The best place to see the Disneyland Paris fireworks is to go to the Discoveryland side of the castle. In the area here by the castle stage, there is plenty of room without being squashed like a sardine in front of the castle or on Main Street.

Disneyland Paris Show Tip #12: Be Mindful When Taking Pictures


Mickey and the Magician, Together Pixar Musical Adventure and Stitch Live! have a very strict no-photo policy.

At the other shows, you can take a quick photo without a flash. I do not recommend videoing the shows because it ruins the experience for everyone near you and behind you. If you would like to see a video of the shows, there are plenty on YouTube you can watch in professional quality.

And don’t forget that selfie sticks are not allowed in the parks, even for parades and fireworks.

Text reads: This FREE Disneyland Paris planning checklist has everything you need to get organised.


If you have a Mastercard debit or credit card, there’s a secret perk for getting exclusive show tickets or preferred viewing areas.

Offer 1: Preferred seating for Mickey and Magician OR The Lion King show
Offer 2: Dedicated area to watch the Disney Stars on Parade

Tips for Disneyland Paris Mastercard Preferred Tickets

  1. KNOW THE LIMITS. You can claim your preferred seating or preferred viewing tickets for one Mastercard holder and 4 accompanying guests. One reservation can be claimed per cardholder, per day.
  2. BRING ID. You will need to present your Mastercard and photo ID at City Hall in Disneyland Park for The Lion King show or Disney Stars on Parade. OR, at Studio Services in Walt Disney Studios for Mickey and the Magician show.
  3. CHECK THE TIME. You will have to pick up your tickets from City Hall or Studio Services 2 hours before the show time, so be sure to check the show schedule in advance.
  4. REDEEM YOUR TICKET. To use your Preferred Seating ticket for Mickey and the Magician or The Lion King, arrive at the theatre 30 minutes before the show starts. To access the Preferred Viewing Area for Disney Stars on Parade, show your ticket to a cast member 30 minutes before the show starts. (A cast member near the castle will be able to direct you to the viewing area.)

PROs and CONs of Disneyland Paris Mastercard Tickets

+ PROs

Mastercard tickets are FREE for cardholders, while Guaranteed Access tickets cost around €15-19 per person. Potentially you could save €95 for a family of 5.
You might save time collecting your Mastercard preferred tickets from City Hall if you can go at a time when the queue is less than 30 minutes.

– CONs

The program is currently only available until April 30th 2024. We are hoping they renew the program, but there are no guarantees. Sign up for my free newsletter to stay informed of news and changes at Disneyland Paris.
The queue for City Hall is often very long. Remember that you will need to arrive at the theatre 30 minutes before the show even with a Mastercard ticket. So to save any time, the queue for City Hall would need to be under 30 minutes.
Tickets are very limited in availability, on a first-come first-served basis.

For terms and conditions, check out the Mastercard offers page.

BEST Disneyland Paris Show Tips for First-Timers

I hope this list has inspired you and helped you feel confident about catching the jaw-dropping Disneyland Paris Shows.

If you do nothing else, just remember to PLAN AHEAD. Look at all the shows available and their schedule before your visit so you can plan your day around the ones you want to see. (If you missed it, check out the section above for how to get all the Disneyland Paris show times.)

And don’t forget to balance these incredible show experiences with other park activities. The magic of Disneyland Paris is best felt as a combination of experiences including shows, rides, characters and food.

Embrace the magic and create unforgettable memories!

Did these Disneyland Show tips for first-timers answer all your questions? Leave me a comment below. Let me know your favourite tip or if you there is anything else you want to know. I would love to help you plan your trip.

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