39 Secret Tips and a Step-By-Step Plan: The BEST First-Timer’s Guide to Adventureland Disneyland Paris

As a kid, I watched all the Indiana Jones movies over and over with my dad. Indy’s trademark fedora, terrifying baddies, wild car chase scenes – they thrilled my young adventurous heart! Imagine all that excitement paired with the dashing charisma of Pirates of the Caribbean and you have a sense of this magical land. This is the best first-timer’s guide to Adventureland Disneyland Paris.

Let’s talk about all the exciting rides, Instagram-worthy attractions, exotic characters, and great food you’ll find while hunting for treasures in this part of the park. I even share my step-by-step Adventureland Disneyland Paris Plan so you don’t miss a thing. All that’s left is for you to grab your hat (and your camera), and go!  

A pirate ship is mirrored in a picturesque lake, Skull Rock is situated behind it under an open blue sky. This is the best view for starting your First-timers guide to Adventureland Disneyland Paris

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I. Guide to Adventureland Disneyland Paris: Rides and Attractions

There are two rides you need to know about in Adventureland – one is based on the Indiana Jones films and the other on Pirates of the Caribbean (which films were made about).

☠️ Pirates of the Caribbean

On Pirates of the Caribbean, you will board a boat that takes you to the West Indies islands. You will encounter sword fights, creepy skeletons, cannon-ball action, foggy weather, a cunning dog with the keys to a prison cell and many more glimpses of pirate life. But can you spot Jack Sparrow? He seems to be hiding out from the authorities…

✏️ 4 TOP TIPS for Pirates of the Caribbean

Be aware that your boat will take a couple of exciting dips, but that’s all part of the fun! Just don’t be surprised if you get a tiny bit splashed, especially if you sit on either end of a row.

PRO TIP Disney PhotoPass is available to capture your family’s hilarious faces on the big dip. You can preview your photo at the end of the ride, and if you want it, go to the till and tell them your photo number so they can add it to your PhotoPass account.  

GOOD TO KNOW There is no height requirement for Pirates of the Caribbean, so it is suitable for all ages. However, because it has sudden dips, this ride is not advised for expectant mothers.

🏰 FUN FOR DISNEY PARK FANS Pay special attention to the details that make this Pirates of the Caribbean unique to Disneyland Paris: the animatronic Captain Barbossa and the projected images of Davy Jones and Blackbeard are fantastic!

🛕 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Take an expedition to a lost temple, boarding a rustic mine car.

On this thrilling adventure, the mine car suddenly goes out of control and even loops upside down as it speeds through the temple ruins.

✏️ 5 TOP TIPS for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is a thrilling roller coaster. If you would rather appreciate that fact from a distance (no judgement!), there is a fenced area near the ride’s entrance where you can watch the trains go by.

Also nearby is a snack hut for drinks and a small selection of merchandise to browse if you’re waiting for the rest of your party.

🏰 FUN FACTS FOR DISNEY FANS ‘The Temple du Péril’ is the first ride at Disneyland Paris to have included an inversion. It also has the strictest height requirement in all of the Disney parks worldwide. For 4 years, the mine-cart train raced down the tracks backwards, but since 2004 has faced forwards. 

GOOD TO KNOW The height requirement for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is 1.4m. Expectant mothers are not allowed to ride. Single Rider is available if you don’t mind splitting up from your party (or you’re a solo traveller). 

🚨 YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED This is a roller coaster for younger, fitter (I say that with love). In other words, I need a painkiller afterwards for my neck and/or headache! It’s more than a bit rickety, and nothing like the Indiana Jones attractions in Disneyland Resort California, unfortunately. But, as a Disney-completist, I think everyone should experience it once, and it’s a must-do for teenagers.

🧞‍♂️ Aladdin’s Enchanted Passage

After you’ve met swashbuckling pirates on the high seas and braved a runaway mine cart in ancient ruins, you are probably looking forward to a calmer adventure!

Le Passage Enchante d’Aladdin – Aladdin’s Enchanted Passage – is just that. A quaint walkthrough with miniature scenes from Disney’s 1992 animated film is perfect to escape for a little bit of quiet. It’s particularly good for younger children who are fans of the animated movie.

✏️ 5 TOP TIPS for Aladdin’s Enchanted Passage

  • There is never a wait here. Just turn up and walk in!
  • 9 scenes make up Aladdin’s journey from ‘One Jump Ahead’ to ‘Jafar Defeated’ and a Farewell with ‘A Whole New World.’
  • Take as long (or as short) a time as you want to. The experience could be done in a few minutes, or you might linger over the details in the windows stretching it out to about 20 minutes.
  • This is a great indoor experience when it’s very hot outside or when it’s raining and cold.
  • The entire walkthrough is wheelchair accessible.

🏰 FUN FACT FOR DISNEY FANS As you exit, spot the wall with Abu the monkey riding on the Genie. He says, ‘Ciao, adios, later dudes!’ as you’re leaving.

🌴 Adventure Isle

If you would like to take Disneyland Paris at a slower pace, Adventure Isle in Adventureland is perfect for you.

Adventure Isle is made up of two smaller islands. The Northern Island has the Swiss Family Treehouse, an elevated wooden bridge, and a rope bridge which will take you to the Southern Island for Spyglass Hill, Skull Rock and Frenchman’s Creek.

✏️ 5 TOP TIPS for Adventure Isle (plus 2 bonuses!)

Adventureland’s picturesque centre piece is Spyglass Hill, a large mountain where you can explore mazes and caves just like in Treasure Island.

In fact, this is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in the parks when all the rides are busy. One of the caves even has Ben Gunn’s pirate treasure! Can you find it?


Near the Jolly Roger is a pirate-themed play park on Pirate’s Beach. It has mini-rope bridges, a slide, a pirate cut-out for photos and plenty of climbing opportunities. All are perfect for kids up to the age of 10. Walk the plank, me hearty!

  • Did you know that Adventure Isle is completely unique to Disneyland Paris? Revel in its bespoke landscape.
  • If you look on the northern shore of the lagoon nearest Pirate’s of the Caribbean, you can spot what’s left of an abandoned water craft. Disney fans believe this is the raft Gepetto and Pinocchio use when they escape the belly of Monstro the whale.
Adventureland Disney Easter Egg: Legend has it that here lies the remains of Geppetto’s raft. A nice tie in from the nearby Au Chalet de la Marionnette in Fantasyland, this is the raft Geppetto and Pinocchio use when they escape the belly of Monstro the whale.

1. Cross the sky-high rope bridge. ‘Port Suspendu’ is a family favourite! Can you resist jumping on it?

2. Admire the rushing waterfalls as you explore the caverns. Perfect for taking romantic photos or for letting your kids pretend they are daring pirates.

3. Peek out of Skull Rock. If you find yourself on the inside of Skull Rock, you can see Capt Hook’s Jolly Roger moored outside (exclusive to Disneyland Paris!).

4. Put your ear to the wall in Ben Gunn’s illuminated treasure room, and you can listen in on some pirate action.

5. Check out the floating bridge. Made of barrels and driftwood, this bridge on the water will give you access to The Shipwreck (L’Epave). This doomed ship was attacked by pirates and washed ashore. The Swiss Family Robinson used the shipwreck’s pieces to construct their marvellous treehouse, everything from the captain’s wheel to his bed!

Text reads: This FREE Disneyland Paris planning checklist has everything you need to get organised.

🌳 La Cabane des Robinson – Swiss Family Treehouse

An attraction with NO WAIT is surely a myth at Disneyland Paris? Not so. La Cabane des Robinson – The Swiss Family Treehouse – is almost always a walk-on!

Starting beneath the tree, you can explore intricate walkways and stairways up to the whimsical living quarters of the Robinson family. The water wheel and waterfalls are particularly exciting.

✏️ 4 TOP TIPS for La Cabane des Robinson – Swiss Family Treehouse

1. I love exploring the Treehouse with the whole family, especially grandparents. But you will have to be able to climb (quite a lot of) stairs.

2. At the top, there is a gorgeous lookout area and stunning views in every direction will delight you all the way through the attraction. (You can even see the castle in the distance.)

3. When you’re up quite high, look down to the riverbank. You’ll see Russell and Carl from Up!

4. The Treehouse takes on a whole different look lit up at night.

🏰 FUN FACTS FOR DISNEY FANS The imagination and attention to detail in the Swiss Family Treehouse is superb – everything the family used for their home was salvaged from shipwrecks. It stands 70 feet high, making it the tallest Swiss Family Robinson treehouse in all the Disney parks worldwide.

II. Characters to see in Adventureland

While you here enjoying a taste for adventure, it’s worth meeting a few unforgettable characters as well in Disneyland Paris!

Now it must be said that here in Adventureland, character opportunities are often spontaneous, so it is worth keeping an eye out while you are roaming.

But there are a few permanent spots where you can meet them, too.

3 Meet ‘n’ Greet Spots You Should Know About

1. Baloo: Head to the hut on the side of Restaurant Hakuna Matata and you will find the loveable bear from Jungle Book.

2. Chip and Dale: The world-famous chipmunks are probably up to some adorable mischief! You can pop in on them at their Meet ‘n’ Greet on the path next to Colonel Hathis Outpost Restaurant

3. Capt Hook: Peter Pan’s arch nemesis is on the lookout for treasure (and trying to avoid crocodiles). You can have a chat with him on the bank between The Jolly Roger and Au Chalet de la Marionette Restaurant (on the Adventureland side).  

Jack Sparrow stands askance; he is dressed in pirate attire with brown boots and trousers, a loose white shirt and read scarf tying his dreadlocks back

✏️ 5 TOP TIPS for meeting characters in Adventureland

  • Characters are often changed without notice. For example, in the same space to meet Capt Hook, you may see Peter Pan and Wendy instead.
  • Check the Disneyland Paris app in the morning for that day’s character schedule.
  • Arrive 20-30 minutes before the scheduled time to ensure you meet a popular character
  • Disney PhotoPass photographers are usually on hand. If you are not planning on purchasing PhotoPass, you can also ask politely if they will take a picture with your phone and they often will.
  • Surprise encounters are not uncommon! Jafar sometimes wanders the paths around the bazaar and Jack Sparrow often lurks around Pirates of the Caribbean and Capt Jack’s Restaurant. You won’t be able to stop them for an autograph, but you might be able to have a quick word as they are walking about.

III. Places to Eat in Adventureland Disneyland Paris

With all those exciting adventures, you have no doubt worked up an appetite! Here’s where you can grab a drink, snack, quick service or table service meal in Adventureland.

Snacks and Drinks

Cool Post

Extra Plus Snacks dining plan accepted. On-the-go delicious treats like Mickey waffles, Mickey Beignet with icing sugar, ice cream and drinks.

Temple Traders Boutique

This small store near Indiana Jones has a few hot drinks and sodas.

Café de la Brousse

Extra Plus Snacks dining plan accepted. On-the-go snacks in the huts like crisps, the Choco-Coco Lollipaw and Ben & Jerry ice cream.

Quick-Service Meals

Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost

Italian-inspired food like pasta and lasagne. They also have Mickey-shaped pizza. The fast-food restaurant is decorated for The Jungle Book. The outside seating area looks especially magical at night. All dining plans are accepted.

Restaurant Hakuna Matata

African-inspired food like Yassa Chicken and Rice or Plantain Banana with Coconut and Nutella. The fast-food restaurant is decorated for the Lion King. All dining plans are accepted.

Table-service Restaurants

Restaurant Agrabah Café. Reservation needed. Table-service buffet inspired by the Middle East. Dishes such as lamb, salads, falafel, hummus, couscous, and a selection of desserts. The restaurant is decorated for Aladdin and has lots of different rooms to eat in, each decorated individually. It has a romantic ambience at night. All dining plans are accepted.

Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates. Reservation needed. Table-service restaurant inspired by Creole and seafood. The torch-lit tavern sits in a lagoon in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction offering a unique experience. All dining plans are accepted.

✏️ 2 TOP TIPS for eating in Adventureland Disneyland Paris

  • Snack stands and restaurants often close earlier than you would expect. If you are looking for food later in the day, it’s best to try Colonel Hathis as they usually stay open the longest – about an hour before park closure.

IV. Planning Your Time in Adventureland

We’ve covered everything there is to do in Adventureland. But are you feeling a little overwhelmed by choice? No worries! I absolutely love this part of the park, and I will share with you how I would cover all the best parts.

❓FAQ: How much time do you need for Adventureland?

Adventureland can be a very flexible part of your itinerary for Disneyland Paris. There are rarely any queues for the attractions, outside of a short wait for Pirates of the Caribbean.

If the Disney Experience is what you’re after, you could take the time to wander the whole cave network then meander around The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse to take in the stunning views. Finish off with a popular character meet and a leisurely meal at Agrabah or Capt Jack’s.

Or, if you’re enjoy thrills, you could do the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, cross over the suspended rope bridge and then take a whirl on Indiana Jones and The Temple of Peril.

To see a few highlights in Adventureland could take about an hour and a half. To see and do everything, you could easily enjoy around 3-4 hours, plus a meal of your choice.

❓FAQ: When is a good time to visit Adventureland?

If you are fitting Adventureland into a packed Disneyland Paris day, I would plan to visit it in the busy afternoon. The rest of the park will be crowded with long queues, and Adventureland will be fairly quiet all day.

Or, if you are a keen photographer, I think the light in Adventureland looks best first thing in the morning on a clear day. And if you like quiet, romantic walks, you will love Adventureland at night when the lights are switched on.

🎁 FREE DOWNLOAD: Adventureland Itinerary for Disneyland Paris

Ready to print out now! Here is a free Adventureland Disneyland Paris itinerary. It has a step-by-step guide for first-timers to experience all the magic in Adventureland.

FREEBIE: Download your own printable Disneyland Paris Adventureland Itinerary here

📒 Adventureland Plan for First-timers

To have the full Disneyland Paris experience, here’s the perfect plan I suggest for your time in Adventureland.

  1. Start at the entrance to Adventureland just off Central Plaza. Admire the beautiful tiles and Moroccan lanterns overhead (there’s a restroom here, too).
  2. Pop into Le Passage Enchante d’Aladdin and check out the miniature recreation of Aladdin, Jasmine and Jafar’s story.
  3. Coming out of the exit of Aladdin, head to your right and follow the path (with the lake on your left). Stop to take pictures of Capt Hook’s ship, The Jolly Roger, and Skull Rock.
  4. Then head to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and keep an eye out for Jack Sparrow!
  5. Have a look through the pirate-themed gift shop, then take a right turn heading to the South Island of Adventure Isle.
  6. Enter the Spyglass Hill cave network and see what you can find. Towards the bottom side is Pirate’s Grotto, Ben Gunn’s Treasure, a Bottomless Pitt and the inside of Skull Rock.
  7. Near to Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship is a small children’s playground called Pirate’s Beach.
  8. Turn back to the top end of the island through more crisscrossed paths, a maze of caves, and a pirate lookout point. A floating bridge will take you to The Shipwreck.
  9. From The Shipwreck, turn around and go back over the floating bridge. Follow the signs to Port Suspendu and cross the suspended rope bridge to the North Island.
  10. (*If you don’t want to do the suspended rope bridge, just follow on from the shipwreck to the Treehouse).
  11. Visit the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, from the cave network in the roots to the very top with all the interesting rooms in between. Be sure to take a look down at the river bank to see Russell from Up!
  12. Coming out from the Treehouse, wind your way through the waterfall paths to relax and take some beautiful pictures.
  13. Eventually, you will come to a small bridge that leads to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. Ride this attraction if you wish or browse Temple Traders Boutique and get a drink.
  14. From Indiana, follow the path back to Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost. If you time it right, Chip and Dale may be there for a Meet ‘n’ Greet.
  15. If you’re hungry, have a quick-service meal at Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost or Hakuna Matata. A table can also be booked for Capt Jack’s (at Pirates of the Caribbean) or Restaurant Agrabah. Alternatively, pick up a snack from Cool Post or Café de la Brousse.

V. The Best Part!

Adventureland is such a unique part of Disneyland Paris because it encourages you to take your time. (Kind of ironic for a land called ‘Adventureland,’ but it’s true!)

You can turn up whenever you like, there is no need to rush here for the park opening. There are hardly any queues, crowds are very minimal and there is plenty of opportunity to wander, around soaking up the scenery. In fact, many people compare Adventureland Disneyland Paris to a miniature Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World because of its calming atmosphere and beautiful natural landscape.

So, that completes your First-timer’s Guide to Adventureland Disneyland Paris. If you have any questions, leave me a comment below, I would love to help you plan your trip.

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