Let’s get real. This is the CHEAPEST way to do Disneyland Paris (and 3 popular myths people think all the time!) 

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Are you dreaming of a magical holiday to Disneyland Paris but worried about breaking the bank? Scrolling through Facebook and seeing character meals, Disney hotels and Ultimate Premier Passes – but feeling a little sick at the potential cost? Fear not! In this budget-friendly post, I will spill the tea on the cheapest way to do Disneyland Paris. From smart planning tips to deep discounts, let’s talk about the best-kept secrets to making Disneyland Paris possible (and incredibly memorable!) on a shoestring budget. 

Blonde lady in pink jumper with Pegasus from Hercules is smiling in Disney's budget hotel Santa Fe. The room is orange and decorated with Cars themed wallpaper and a traffic cone light. She is smiling because she is excited about sharing the cheapest way to do Disneyland Paris
Budget hotels are just as much fun as their more expensive counterparts! This is Disney Santa Fe, only 10 minutes walk to Disney Village.

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What’s so great about the cheapest way to do Disneyland Paris? (And will I still have a good time?)

I hear a lot of people ask, What is the cheapest way to do Disneyland Paris? The truth is, there are a thousand different ways. Ultimately what is ‘cheapest’ is a personal preference: it depends on what is the best value for you. Something can actually cost more but feel cheapest because it provides more value. For example, staying in a Disney hotel is more expensive than an off-site hotel, but being closer to the parks might make it worth it for you. 

There have been plenty of times when my family has been desperate for a holiday, and we didn’t have a lot of money to spend (we still don’t!). Or, we wanted to go to Disneyland Paris as a last-minute trip, so saving up for a long time wasn’t feasible. 

That’s when I came up with these budget tricks for the cheapest way to do Disneyland Paris for when you want to be there any way possible. The magic is what you bring to it, and you will make priceless memories even on a tight budget.  

🏰💖 Sometimes you’re on such a tight budget that just being in Disneyland Paris at all is the most important thing.

‘Riff raff, street rat, I don’t buy that’ Aladdin knows how to save money! (Jafar could learn a few things)

40 of the best and cheapest ways to do Disneyland Paris on a budget

There are several factors to consider when booking Disneyland Paris on the cheap – so let’s talk about all of them. In this budget guide to Disneyland Paris you’ll get 40 of the best tips for doing Disneyland Paris on a budget including:

  • 3 tips on how to find the cheapest time to go
  • 3 steps for finding the best deal, whether that’s as a package holiday or separately
  • 6 tips and tricks for the least expensive accommodation at Disneyland Paris
  • 3 of the cheapest ways to travel – airfare, Eurostar or Eurotunnel
  • 3 ways to find the cheapest park tickets
  • 10 tips to save money on food and drink at the parks
  • 3 hacks for getting the best deal on Disney souvenirs
  • 6 characters you can meet for free
  • 3 myths people think they have to spend money on!
  • And two of my ultimate best tips for enjoying your budget holiday!
A blonde lady is stood between Chip and Dale dressed as ghosts, two Halloween characters at Disneyland Pars. All through have there arms stretched out like zombies
I love to visit during the Halloween season. The last week of October is the most expensive, but you can see all the seasonal characters and amazing decorations throughout October. Picking an earlier week is great for doing Disneyland Paris on a budget!

📅 The cheapest time to go to Disneyland Paris 

When the parks are less busy, the savings can be substantial! (A bonus perk for you is that all the queues will be shorter, too.) To get the lowest price on your holiday plan, aim to go at the quietest times.

How to find the cheapest time to go to Disneyland Paris

  1. If you can pick a less-popular month – do it. The cheapest months to visit Disneyland Paris are usually mid-January to the start of March. I have stayed on-site for only £100 a night in February. In my experience, May half-term tends to be very busy as French school kids are also on holiday. But the February half-term is much quieter and cheaper.
  2. Avoid weekends if you can. Weekends at Disneyland Paris are popular no matter what month it is. If you can snag a mid-week break, it will almost always be less expensive than Saturday and Sunday. 
  3. To get the cheapest price for Disneyland Paris, play with your calendar dates. Even a 1-day difference can save you a lot of money on tickets, hotel and transport. Europeans have slightly different holidays than we do, so it might be that changing your trip by a week avoids a popular season.  
If only I could turn pumpkins into Princess carriages, travel to Disney would be so much cheaper! For the rest of us, check out my 3 best tips for saving money on travel

💻 The cheapest way to book Disneyland Paris 

Before you spend any money, I highly recommend checking how to do Disneyland Paris on a budget using cash back incentives. ✏️ PRO TIP I have earned enough money using TopCashback to pay for Disney World in Florida, just with everyday spending! It really pays to make that one little click that costs you nothing.

3 steps for finding the best deal on Disneyland Paris holidays

1. Decide whether you are booking a package or Doing-it-Yourself all separately.

💰➡️ GOOD TO KNOW: Is it cheaper to book Disneyland Paris as a package or separately? It depends! Sometimes it’s cheaper as a package and sometimes it’s cheaper separately. This is because travel companies will be running different promotions throughout the year. And some seasons are much more popular than others. My honest advice is to get one quote for a Disney package and compare it to what you will pay by Doing-It-Yourself separately. Then see what comes up cheapest.

FOR PACKAGE HOLIDAYS: Looking for convenience? If it’s your first time booking Disneyland Paris, you may feel most comfortable booking a package holiday. A package wil normally include your hotel and tickets, as well as your transportation.

*Where to compare Disneyland Paris holidays

Here is a list of my favourite Disneyland Paris package holiday companies. You can get a FREE quote from all of them, and then weigh up the best deal for your budget.

  • Your first step should always be Disneyland Paris direct. If you’re looking to do your trip the cheapest way possible, start with getting a quote for Davy Crockett Ranch (but only if you’re driving, as it is not accessible by train or public transport). Or check the value hotels: Hotel Santa Fe and Hotel Cheyenne.
  • Another great option for discount Disneyland Paris holiday packages is Attraction Tickets. They often have free gift cards and/or other incentives plus the same guarantees as booking with Disney direct.
  • Magic Breaks is renowned for their Disneyland Paris packages. They also run their own promotions and offer free gifts throughout the year, so have a look and compare.
Sleeping Beauty Castle at night glows in purples in pinks during the Autumn season at Disneyland Paris

FOR DOING-IT-YOURSELF SEPARATELY: Make a short list of places you can create your own holiday separately (AKA a DIY Holiday). The elements you need are: hotel, park tickets, and transport. You can check Expedia, Booking.com and Hotels.com for hotels. Check Skyscanner and Google Flights for airfare. And check Attraction Tickets and AttractionTix for Disney park tickets. But my favourite combination for Disneyland Paris on a budget is to do exactly this:

  1. First sign up for Topcashback (for money back on everything!)
  2. Then, go to Attraction Tickets (for cheapest tickets – use the TopCashback link so you can get money back).
  3. Visit Hotels.com (for great hotels – use the TopCashback link so you can get money back).

That is exactly how I’ve booked my budget Disneyland Paris holiday again and again. For example, in February half-term 2024, I booked a 2-day trip for my son and me. I paid £92 for our room at the Moxy Val d’Europe, £138 for my son’s 2-day park hopper ticket and £159 for my adult ticket from AttractionTickets, and £156 for our Eurostar tickets. Total: £545. (I also got 20% cashback from Moxy and 6% cashback from Attraction Tickets using TopCashback.) Bargain!

Bonus Budget Tip If I am driving to Disneyland Paris, I use Tesco Clubcard points for taking the Eurotunnel.

Screenshot of Topcashback website showing search box
Check out TopCashback, a FREE website that gets you cashback on your holidays AND everyday purchases
2. Get organised.

You can keep your holiday quotes on a dozen little Post-It notes, but it’s much easier to look at them all together.

I have a simple Disneyland Paris Budget Planner which includes a holiday comparison sheet. It also has sample costs for things like meals and a calculator to work out ALL the costs before you book anything.  

Or, check out my complete Disneyland Paris planning bundle. It has 35+ pages, like packing lists and park itineraries, and includes a budget planner!

35 page Disneyland Paris planner bundle with checklists, packing lists, park itinerary, outfit planners and more!
3. consider all travel costs like airport parking, tolls, transfers and fuel. 

Don’t book your budget holiday until you know the full costs of your travel.

🛫 If you’re travelling to Disneyland Paris by plane: price up airport parking and airport transfers to/from your hotel. You could either book a shuttle or get a taxi.

🚗 If you’re travelling to Disneyland Paris by car: factor in fuel costs, the ferry, insurance, breakdown cover and toll charges.

🚄 If you’re travelling to Disneyland Paris by Eurostar: factor in transport to the Eurostar station and hotel, if needed, the night before. Also consider that the Eurostar no longer has a direct service to Chessy, so either you will change in Lille or make your way from Gare du Nord in Paris which requires an additional train ticket. ➡️ Check out my full guide to taking the Eurostar for first-timers.

✏️ PRO TIP: Residhome is my favourite budget hotel. It is located one stop from Disneyland Paris in Val d’Europe. (But keep that to yourself so we can keep the price low!) Check out more photos and features of Residhome Val d’Europe in my new review!

🏨 6 tips for getting the cheapest accommodation for Disneyland Paris 

How can you get the cheapest hotels and accommodation at Disneyland Paris? Here are my 6 best tips and tricks.

  1. If you factor in the price of tickets, and if you are travelling at a less popular time, it can sometimes work out good value to book a Disney package. My favourite budget hotels at Disney are Cheyenne and Santa Fe.  My full review explains all the benefits of staying at these Disney hotels, so you can decide if they might be a perfect fit for you, too. Check out the Disneyland Paris package price calculator to get an idea.
  2. Are Disney packages coming up too expensive? My advice is then to book an offsite hotel. We really enjoy the Grand Magic for theming and transport. I also like the Val d’Europe hotels like Residhome (full review of Residhome is here) as I don’t mind taking the metro one stop. It costs 2 Euros and is easy to use.
  3. If you have a campervan, consider taking it to Disneyland Paris. It is around €45 to park it in the camping section of the Disney car park. As far as I know, the facility block is currently closed, but you do qualify for extra magic time in the parks just like Disney hotel guests. Check the Disneyland Paris website for more information.
  4. Another top tip for doing Disneyland Paris on the cheap is to stay at one of the local campsites. Dreams in Paris has a list of the best campsites nearby and their facilities. 
  5. Did you know that Tesco Clubcard points can be converted for vouchers to use on Hotels.com? This is a great way to pay for any hotel, whether it’s a Disney one or not!
  6. Don’t forget to look for a cashback opportunity when booking your Disneyland Paris accommodation. Hotels.com and Booking.com offer 3-12% cash back if you sign up for TopCashback (which is free!). 
TopCashback 'Get money back when you shop online' Green box with mobile phone. Browser showing retailers for cashback: Ebay, Booking.com, Hotels.com
Le Shuttle (Eurotunnel) is so organised and quick. Crossing the channel takes only 35 minutes! You don’t even need to get out of your car.

🧞‍♂️How to get the cheapest transport to Disneyland Paris (unless you have a magic lamp)

If you are travelling from the UK, you have several options for the cheapest transport to Disneyland Paris.

3 ways to save money on airfare, Eurostar or Eurotunnel Le Shuttle 

1. Book a flight

It is usually cheaper to fly into Orly Airport than Charles de Gaulle. But you will need to factor in the cost of the Magic Shuttle or a private transfer from Orly, which is further away from Disney. 

Charles De Gaulle ariport is nearer. You can either pay for a transfer (faster) or take the metro train to Disneyland Paris (cheaper). 

To get from the airport to your hotel, you can book Magic Shuttle though Disney. Or, I highly recommend Western Tours for all your transfers for their reliability and reasonable prices.

You can also use Uber the same way as in the UK.

Text reads: This FREE Disneyland Paris planning checklist has everything you need to get organised.

2. Drive your car or campervan and take the ferry

Driving to Disneyland Paris is quite easy and often the cheapest way to get there. Especially if you are a family or carrying luggage and snacks.

My post on our last-minute trip using Le Shuttle (Eurotunnel) will be very helpful if you are driving. 

Passengers disembarking the Eurostar train at Paris Gare du Nord on blue sky day

3. Take the Eurostar

To get the cheapest ticket, book the Eurostar train as early as possible. The prices never come down, they only ever go up!

🤓Good to know Be aware there is currently no direct Eurostar train service from London to Disneyland Paris; you will need to change trains in Lille and carry on to Chessy/Marne la Vallee. 

💰SUPER BUDGET TIP If your Eurostar tickets are expensive to go from London St Pancras to Disneyland Chessy/Marne la Vallee (via Lille), you could go instead to Paris Gare Du Nord. Tickets from London to Paris Gare du Nord are often only £39 each way! From Paris Gare du Nord, you then take the RER train which is only an extra 5 Euros. I have a brilliant post on exactly how to travel to Disneyland Paris from Paris Gare du Nord and whether it’s right for you.

➡️ READ NEXT: Everything first-timers need to know about taking the Eurostar to Disneyland Paris

🎟️ 3 ways to get the cheapest tickets for Disneyland Paris

Picking your Disney park tickets can be confusing if you are not sure about your goals. Is your budget fixed? Or, do you have a fixed amount of days to spend in Paris? If you can be prepared for a little flexibility, then you can’t go wrong. I have a dedicated post to getting the cheapest tickets for Disneyland Paris, but here are 3 quick tips:  

  1. The best and cheapest way to do Disneyland Paris is to make the most of your park days. Plan the attractions and shows you want to see ahead of time. Start thinking about that now with a Disneyland Paris Bucket List. Or, get some help planning with a 2-park 1-day itinerary
  2. Consider getting park tickets for just 2 days. An exciting 3rd day can easily be spent outside the parks at your hotel pool or in the Disney Village. There are plenty of food stalls with treats for kids like massive lollies and chocolate-covered marshmallows. The Disneyland hotels are available for restaurant bookings even for non-guests. And shops like World of Disney and the Lego shop are so fun to explore. 
  3. As with your hotel booking, don’t forget to use cash back incentives wherever you buy your park tickets – my favourite is TopCashback
Monop’daily is one of the convenience stores inside Chessy station.

🍔10 tips for the cheapest way to eat at Disneyland Paris 

While it’s convenient to have a Disneyland Paris meal plan, it is not usually cost-effective, especially if you are on a budget.

Best tips and tricks on how to do Disneyland Paris on the cheap for food and drink 

  1. Make a simple breakfast in your hotel room. You can take pastries, Pop-Tarts, breakfast bars, peanut butter and bread to make sandwiches, mini juice boxes and anything else you fancy.
  2. Disney allows you to bring your own food into the parks. It will save you money to take food and drinks for your grazers. I have some great snack ideas, too.
  3. Food inside the parks is obviously expensive. But the train station next door has plenty of food options. My favourite is Monop’daily for drinks and Pret a Manger for fruit, salads, and sandwiches. 
  4. One stop on the metro will take you to the shopping mall at Val d’Europe. Auchan is a giant supermarket selling anything you might want to eat and more. This is a great way to save money.
  5. You could also try Uber Eats and get food delivered to your hotel. You may not get it directly sent to your room, but you should be able to meet the driver at the hotel entrance. 
  6. You don’t need to pay 4 for a drink inside the parks. Take your water bottle and refill it with the water fountains or in the restrooms. A mini squeezy squash is handy for kids who don’t like water.  
  7. Get the fast-food experience without the heavy price tag. Mcdonald’s and Earl of Sandwich are reasonably priced in Disney Village, especially for kid’s meals. 
  8. Hungry and don’t want to leave the park? Belle Notte and Colonel Hathis in Disneyland Park do Mickey-shaped pizzas you can easily share.
  9. Toad Hall in Fantasyland does a good-sized fish and chips for €12. Two orders should be enough for a family. Travelling solo? The small fish and chips is only €6 and is plenty for one person.
  10. March Hare Refreshments (near Alice’s Labyrinth in Fantasyland) do amazing ice creams (pictured below) you can share for about €7. 
The irresistible chocolate brownie and ice cream ‘Won-DOOR-land sundae.’ Find it at March Hare Refreshments in Fantasyland. It’s so big you could definitely share it!

🛍️ How to save money on souvenirs for Disneyland Paris 

Of course, you want trinkets and T-shirts to remember your most magical holiday ever. But princess dresses and sparkly mouse ears can really eat into your budget. Here are the best ways to get Disneyland Paris souvenirs for cheap. 

  1. Buy kids ‘souvenirs’ from Primark. They have Disney T-shirts, pyjamas, stationary and plush toys. Sneak it in your suitcase and put it on your kid’s bed in the morning for a lovely surprise. Prefer to pick up your souvenirs while on holiday? Take the RER train one stop from Disneyland Paris to Val d’Europe. There is a huge Primark in the shopping centre there that sells lots of cute Disney items.
  2. Princess dresses and superhero costumes are often in the supermarket or on Amazon (like this stunning Elsa dress). Also try Vinted for second-hand items. 
  3. Scour the sale section on the Shop Disney UK site. They often have discounted Christmas ornaments, ears, pins, home goods and more. 
Blonde lady with yellow jumper and jeans is making a heart shape with Winnie the Pooh; the cheapest way to do Disneyland Paris is to meet characters around the parks not at expensive character meals
Any day is made better with Pooh. Hugs are free. Heart melting required.

✨🆓 Get that magical Disney feeling for FREE

Some people think they need all the bells and whistles to have a Disney holiday they’ll remember for a lifetime. That’s simply not true. Here are 3 myths I de-bunk for skipping the queues, meeting characters and getting that once-in-a-lifetime photo at Disneyland Paris. 

Myth #1: You need to pay for a character meal for you or your little ones to have a character interaction.

Fact: You can meet characters for free! Characters are dotted all over the parks.

  • You can get a Virtual Queue for the Avengers (Spiderman, Iron Man etc) at Walt Disney Studios; this costs nothing.
  • Other Avengers characters will do pop up meets in Avengers Campus. Look out for Groot, Loki and more!
  • You can queue up to meet a Princess at the Princess Pavilion (but be aware of this one rule that catches people out.) The queues for Princesses are always going to be long, but the interior building has lots of Princess items to look at and some interactive elements, too!
  • Meet Mickey Mouse in the main park. The line may seem long but its indoors and they play cute cartoons while you’re waiting.  
  • Minnie Mouse and Daisy meet in the area next to the Hyperion Theatre.
  • Tigger and Eeyore meet outside Plaza Gardens

✏️ PRO TIP To make queues for characters go by quicker, bring colouring books, sticker activity books, and/or snacks to pass the time. 

Myth #2: You need to buy PhotoPass to get family photos.

Fact: If you bought a smartphone in the last 5 years, you already have a fantastic camera.

Some of the character meets don’t even have a PhotoPass photographer.

You can get a photo for free if you ask a family behind you in the queue to take a photo for you. Return the favour when it’s their turn! Or just take a selfie. Some of my best pictures have been made with my arm extended!

Blonde woman in flowery dress posing with Clarice in Disneyland Paris
Myth #3: You need to buy Premier Pass because the queues are so long.

Fact: You can get short queues for free with a bit of planning!

  • Many of the most popular rides offer Single Rider. If you’re a party of adults or have older children, consider riding alone. It’s dark on most rides anyway!
  • Another way to get shorter queues is to ride first thing in the morning and later in the evenings.
  • A third way to skip the queues is to use an app for queue times. Disneyland Paris app will show you wait times, but I like MagiPark more, so be sure to download it from the app store before you go. 
Iconic Sleeping Beauty castle: a must-do for Disneyland Paris in 1 day
Wow. I could get used to a view like this. Yep, too late, I’m used to it. I want a castle.

💘The best advice of all 

Always remember these two things when you’re planning your family’s budget trip to Disneyland Paris. 

1. Be smart about the money you have to spend

Set yourself a budget and stick to it. No Disney trip is worth stressing about money. 

2. Treat yourself

It sounds odd given this is a post about saving money, but hear me out! If you can afford to, treat yourself to just one special thing. Whether that’s one character meal, a special Pandora charm or champagne by the castle. 

You will treasure that one unique memory more than 6 expensive meals and 3 T-shirts no one wears again. 

I hope these practical tips on the cheapest way to do Disneyland Paris will inspire you to think differently. Above all, have a wonderful time. Being at Disney is always a privilege no matter how much money you have. 

Have more money for snacks! Get these tips on the cheapest park tickets

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