How to Buy the CHEAPEST tickets for Disneyland Paris park with these expert secrets (and have more money for Mickey snacks!)

When I was organising my first Disneyland Paris trip from the UK, I felt overwhelmed by park ticket choices. Figuring out the cheapest and best value tickets for my family took trial and error (and a bit of luck!). Here I want to share all the secrets I discovered to getting the cheapest tickets for Disneyland Paris park. No matter how many days you are planning to visit, it is a trip you will remember for a lifetime!

As with any price comparison, there will be different factors for different people, depending on your priorities at Disneyland Paris. Some people want to spend more days in the two parks while others have only a weekend trip. Read on to find out how cheap Disneyland Paris tickets can be. 

Carrie-Anne Hall founder of Crepes and Castles standing to the side of the Sleeping Beauty castle with daisy mouse ears

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FAQ:What is the difference between Park 1 and 2 Disneyland Paris?

Before you learn about the different ticket options, you should know that two parks make up Disneyland Paris. Each park has a separate entrance, and the ticket options depend on whether you want to see only one or both parks on a single day.

The main park is called Disneyland Park and is home to the iconic pink Sleeping Beauty castle. It is known for classic fairytale rides but also rides like Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Phantom Manor.

The second park is called Walt Disney Studios. It showcases more modern Disney adventures with the all-new Avengers Campus, plus attractions for Cars and Finding Nemo. Not to mention the gravity-defying Tower of Terror!

Need ideas for what to do at Disneyland Paris?

Check here for a full 1-day itinerary for Disneyland Park.

Check here for a full 1-day itinerary for Walt Disney Studios.

Disneyland Paris pink castle under a blue sky with an artful statue of Maleficent in front

FAQ: How many days do I need in Disneyland Paris? 

Of course, to understand which tickets for Disneyland Paris park you need to buy, you first need to know how many days to spend there.

To figure out how many days you need in Disneyland Paris, consider two things:

  1. Your budget
  2. How fast or slow do you want your experience in the parks to be

How much you want to spend will directly impact how many days to spend in Disneyland Paris and vice-versa. Read on to figure out which combination is best for your family.

Micro-budget + very little time

The least expensive option is a one-day/1 park OR one-day/2 park ticket for Disneyland Paris. This is ideal for someone who wants to squeeze their Disney experience into one magical day. For the day tripper, this might be the perfect add-on experience for a longer tour of Paris or even Europe.

With a 1-day ticket, you might choose to focus on only one park and see what’s new at Walt Disney Studios with Avengers Campus. Or, instead, you might decide to experience all the classic rides in the main park.

If you have it in your budget, the better choice is to buy a two-park ticket and spend the morning at Walt Disney Studios. Then, finish your day in Disneyland Park, taking in the fireworks in front of the castle at closing time.

⭐⭐Small budget + little time

You should purchase a 2-day park hopper ticket. This is the second least expensive option and allows you two action-filled days and nights in the parks. Purchasing the 2-day park hopper ticket will allow you to split your time effectively among the two resorts. This is the best value ticket for you because the two parks are not of equal size. Also note that Walt Disney Studios (second park) has shorter opening hours than the main park.

Two days is enough time to experience the headline attractions, a parade, one fine dining experience, one of the shows and at least one evening of fireworks. 

Expert tip: If you only have 2 days, arrive at park opening and stay until park closing to make the most of your experience.

⭐⭐⭐Medium budget + medium time

The ideal ticket in my opinion! The 3-day park hopper ticket is especially beneficial for London Eurostar travellers arriving early afternoon of the first day of their trip and departing on the evening of the third day. Spending only two nights in a hotel maximises your budget on tickets for Disneyland Paris park.

Within 3 days, you will be able to do all of the most popular rides, see at least one fantastic show, enjoy the parade, meet an adorable character, have a couple of meals in the restaurants and enjoy the stunning fireworks in the evening.

⭐⭐⭐⭐Larger budget + lots of time

 For the biggest Disney fans or those who want to enjoy their trip at a leisurely pace, consider a 4-day ticket for Disneyland Paris park. It is not necessary to have a park hopper ticket for 4 days but is only sold as that.

Four days in EuroDisney is ample time to do all the rides and attractions in both parks. PLUS, explore the lesser-known secrets of both parks, like the dragon under the castle and Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. See all 3 stage shows, catch both parades, and shop in the Disney Village. Try a few different fine dining experiences or have a meal at a nearby Disney hotel.

A teenage and pre-teenage boy in the very colourful Alice

When 4 days is not enough for Disneyland Paris

What if I am staying for 4 days or more? Or if I am planning to come back within 365 days? 

If you are planning a longer trip to Disneyland Paris, it is worth considering an Annual Pass. Or if you are planning on a second (or third!) trip within a year, you also might benefit from an Annual Pass.

If you check out my article How to plan a last minute trip to Disneyland Paris, you can see how buying one infinity pass saved money for our entire family.

Princess Tiana and dancers in the Dream and Shine Brighter show at Disneyland Paris Park

Is it cheaper to buy Disneyland Paris tickets in advance? 

Not only is it cheaper to buy your Disneyland Paris tickets in advance, but now it is the only way to buy tickets. You will need to buy Disneyland Paris tickets online

Disneyland Paris is no longer selling tickets at the entrance gate. Some travellers have mistakenly turned up at the park only to be disappointed that their day is sold out. Even if they use a smartphone to buy a ticket online while in the queue (and are lucky to get a ticket), they discover there are no discounts on the day. In other words, expect to pay the same high price as if you were travelling at peak time!

Avoid disappointment and always reserve your tickets for Disneyland Paris park in advance.

Where is best to buy the cheapest tickets for Disneyland Paris?

Now that you know how many days you will be in the parks and which ticket to buy, you will want to get the best deal. And, if you’re like me, you are on a budget! So, if you are happy to book your hotel and tickets separately, save money by following these expert tips.

Ultimately, you need to do two things to get the cheapest tickets for Disneyland Paris Park:

  1. Sign up for a TopCashback account. And use my affiliate code for an extra bonus! Using TopCashback is totally free. You will pay the same price whether you click on it or not. But if you click using a TopCashback link, you earn money back on all kinds of holiday purchases. I love it for booking my hotels, buying park tickets, and doing all the other online shopping for the holiday like kids’ clothes, toiletries and more. (And not just for holidays; earn cash back 365 days a year on all the boring things you have to buy anyway. That’s money you can put towards your next Disney trip!)
  2. Then, check out Attraction Tickets Direct (using the link from Topcashback to get yourself some extra money back after your trip). I have been using Attraction Tickets since 2015 because they provide speedy tickets for Disneyland Paris park at the lowest prices. Their customer service has always been fantastic, even when I needed to make changes. And they usually have exclusive Disney offers like free photo prints or adult tickets for kids prices.

There are lots of other ways to buy your tickets. You might consider buying them as a package direct with Disney if you are planning to stay in a Disney hotel and want the convenience of doing it in one step. Don’t forget you can also use TopCashback to get money back when you book directly with Disney! This can often amount to £100 or more, and as it’s free to use, it’s a no-brainer.

Don’t stress over what to pack! Get your complete Disneyland Paris printable packing list – print now!

What is the difference between dated and undated tickets for Disneyland Paris park?

A dated Disneyland Paris ticket means you can only use that ticket on that particular day. Dated tickets are always less expensive than undated because they provide less flexibility. This

DO get dated tickets for Disneyland Paris: 

  • If you have booked your transportation and accommodation and are certain of your dates
  • If you want the best value ticket

An undated or flex ticket can be used up to 1 year of the date on the ticket.

DO get an undated or flex ticket for Disneyland Paris: 

  • If you want to choose your date later or if your plans might change

What other ways can you save on tickets for Disneyland Paris park? 

While using TopCashback combined with Attraction Tickets is the best way to save money for the average person, there are other ways if certain conditions apply to you.

  1. As mentioned above, getting an Annual Pass can work out overall least expensive if you are visiting for multiple days or going on extra trips. Some passes offer free parking, money off in shops, discounts on hotels and even an extra hour in the morning in the park. Be aware you can only reserve 3 days at a time with an Annual Pass, so it is not always possible to visit the park for more than 3 days at a time.
  2. Do you have a disability? If you qualify, Disney will give you 25% off your ticket and the ticket of one guest. This discount also applies to an annual pass.
  3. Active or retired military? Disney will offer you a 2-days/2-parks ticket with a deep discount (currently around 37 Euros).

Now that you’ve figured out how to get the very best deal on your tickets for Disneyland Paris park, make sure you know what else you can book. Let’s take a look at one of the upgrades Disney offers to enhance your family’s Disney holiday.

BONUS SECRET #1: Is the Disneyland Paris Fast Pass worth it?

Let’s face it. No one likes to wait in a long queue. Especially if we are waiting with small children, moaning teenagers, or in the heat, cold or rain. Going to any Disney park can be an exercise in patience on its busiest days or when we are very short on time. Enter: FastPass.

FastPass (for anyone that went to Disney pre-2020) was a machine you could walk up to next to each participating ride. You would push a button and be issued a paper slip with a time to come back to that ride. Bringing the slip back at that time would entitle you to use the fast lane (for free!) and enjoy practically no wait to experience that attraction.

Sadly, FastPass is no longer. For better or worse, Disney has introduced Premiere Pass to replace the traditional paper FastPass system.

Premiere Pass achieves the same goal as FastPass, which is to skip to the front of the line on Disneyland Paris’ most popular attractions. The key difference to Fast Pass is that Premiere Pass is a paid service.

Comparison list of Disneyland Paris Premier Access One and Premier Ultimate
Visit the Disneyland Paris website or use the app to purchase Premier Access

There are two Premier Pass levels:

a) Premier Access One

Purchase this one-time ‘skip the line’ pass for one attraction. The price for Premier Access One is per person. You can only buy this on the day of your trip and once you are inside the park.

To do that, go on the Disneyland Paris app, choose your attraction, purchase Premier Access, and be allocated the next available time to go on that ride. The fee for one person (and one ride experience) is around €9-18 Euros (£8-16) depending on popularity. You would need to buy another pass if you wish to use the fast lane for another ride.

b) Disney Premier Ultimate

Purchase an all-day ultimate ‘skip the line’ pass. You can buy the Disney Premier Ultimate in advance or on the day of your visit from the Disney website, on the app or from selected Disney travel agents.

There are no time slots to use Premier Ultimate; you can join the fast lane anytime you want to. The only catch is that you cannot repeat an attraction. This is a one-time ride experience, but you can ride any and all of the rides available for the Premier passes.

 The cost of Premier Ultimate varies based on the date of your trip. But to give you an idea, on a very quiet park day in March, Premier Ultimate is currently £107.46 on the Disney website.

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast attraction, Buzz and Etch a Sketch demonstrate how to defeat Emperor Zurg

Whether Premier Pass is worth it depends on these two things

  1. Your budget
  2. How fast or slow do you want your experience in the parks to be

If Premier Access or Premier Ultimate is easily within your budget, then this is a no-brainer for a solo traveller or a couple on a 1- or 2-day trip to Disneyland Paris. It will dramatically cut your wait times so you can maximise your time in the parks.

But if you are on a longer trip, or have a larger party, it makes more sense to use Extra Magic Hour or a good trip planner like mine rather than spend a fortune on the Premier Pass.

DO consider a Premier Pass if: 

  • It’s in your budget
  • You’re travelling solo or as a couple
  • You’re on a 1- or 2-day trip
  • It’s a particularly busy park day (ie Christmas season)
  • You know your child would be very distressed waiting in a long queue

DON’T consider Premier Pass if: 

  • It’s out of your budget. There are many ways that this Disney trip will be costing you already. Transportation to France, hotel accommodation, park entry, meals, gifts and souvenirs cost enough without adding an optional expense if you don’t need to.
  • You’re visiting in an off-peak tourist season. Queues on average will only be around 30 minutes. It’s often enjoyable to see the themed queues and take a breather from rushing around the park. My family like to chat and have a snack while in the queue. We might decide on dinner plans or debate the next ride to go on, so it is not a problem for us.


There is one attraction at Disneyland Paris that will have a very long queue no matter what time of day or what time of year you visit. That is Crush’s Coaster in Walt Disney Studios. Expect to queue for 90 minutes and up to 150 minutes for Crush. If you can afford the Premier One for this 2-minute ride (around €18 Euros/£16) then it might be worth it. Otherwise, take an activity book and a bag of sweets for the kids!

Mickey and the Magician stage show, including Mickey Mouse and characters from popular Disney movies such as Beauty and the Beast. This is the inside of the theatre with the stage lit up in midnight blue. The actors have their hands up, presenting the one and only Mickey Mouse

BONUS SECRET #2Disneyland Paris Lion King Show tickets / Mickey and the Magician Tickets

A question I get asked a lot is do I need to buy tickets for the Lion King Show? Or do I need to buy tickets for Mickey and the Magician?

The short answer is no. All the shows at Disneyland Paris are included for free in your park ticket.

The longer answer is – it depends. If you queue up for The Lion King Show or Mickey and Magician 30-60 minutes before the show starts, you will get an excellent view of the stage. If you are happy to sit anywhere (probably towards the back of the theatre) you can even arrive 15 minutes before the show. You will be able to see the show from any seat in the theatre.

If you want to arrive 15 minutes before the show and be guaranteed to sit in an excellent seat reserved near the front, you can buy a special access ticket. The way to do this is in the Disneyland Paris app. It currently costs £13.63 per person/per show.

4 top tips when buying tickets for Disneyland Paris park 

To answer a few more frequently asked questions about tickets for Disneyland Paris park, here are my overall top tips!

  1. You can’t buy Disneyland Paris tickets at the gate.
  2. You don’t have to print them. You can use your mobile device to show your e-ticket with a QR code on it. I like to print them because I hate fussing with my phone in a queue, but it is unnecessary.
  3. Be aware of the Disneyland Paris ticket cancellation policy. Check your terms and conditions for your ticket cancellation policy. If you buy your tickets from Attraction Tickets, usually you can cancel your dated tickets 72 hours before your visit. Undated tickets are good for 12 months but are not entitled to a refund. Tickets bought from Disney direct are usually covered by their 7-day zen guarantee. Double-check before you purchase from anyone and consider getting travel insurance in case the unexpected happens.
  4. Know what your Disneyland Paris park tickets include. If you have a one-park ticket obviously that is only for one specific park. A two-park ticket means you can jump between the parks as much as you like on that day. Either ticket entitles you to experience any ride or attraction within that park as many times as you like until park close. Meeting characters and seeing the parade, fireworks and any of the shows are all included with your ticket.

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