10 Incredible First-Timer Tips for Halloween at Disneyland Paris 2024 (PLUS Your 1-day Itinerary!)

Halloween in all its pumpkin-fied glory is coming to Disneyland Paris! I am so to see all the Disney Villains lurking around to get this boo-tilicious party going. There’s loads to see, do, and eat so make sure your camera has plenty of battery to snap those Halloween moments! Here’s my first-timers guide to all the must-dos for Halloween at Disneyland Paris 2024.

Stay till the end and I’ll even share my super cool 1-day Halloween Itinerary for Disneyland Paris.

What You Need to Know about Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Goofy is resplendent in his orange and white Halloween tuxedo decorated in candy buttons. He is one of many characters to enjoy meeting for Halloween at Disneyland Paris in 2023
📸 Photo: Disneyland Paris official

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Halloween season at Disneyland Paris 2024. This first-timer’s guide has everything from must-dos to must-eats and must-meets!

TIP #1: Know the Dates for Halloween Season

When Does Halloween Happen at Disneyland Paris?

The Halloween festivities are coming right after the summer celebrations come to an end.

This year, the Halloween season at Disneyland Paris falls between 1st Oct and 3rd November 2024.

A sinister grandfather clock ticks in a dark room with purple wallpaper adorned with bats

Disneyland Paris Park Hours for October

🤓 GOOD TO KNOW We don’t yet know the exact park hours for 2024, they’ve not been announced. However, you can get an idea if you look at the park hours for last year:

  • 9:30 am to 10:00 pm on weekdays 1-20 October 2023 (aside from 6th October, when the park closed at 9 pm)
  • On weekends throughout October and every day from the 21st of October, the park opened earlier at 9 am (aside from October 1st when it opens at 9:30 am)
  • Disney Hotel guests and Gold Annual Passholders always enter the park 1 hour earlier than the standard time

Walt Disney Studios’ Hours for October

🤓 GOOD TO KNOW We don’t yet know the exact park hours for 2024, they’ve not been announced. However, you can get an idea if you look at the park hours for last year:

  • 9:30 am to 9 pm on weekdays 1-20 October 2023
  • On weekends throughout October and every day from the 21st of October, the park opened earlier at 9 am and closed later at 10 pm
  • Disney Hotel guests and Gold Annual Passholders can always enter the park 1 hour earlier than the standard time
Spooky trees are light in vibrant purples, lending a magical feel to Disneyland Paris at Halloween

TIP #2: Get Your Tickets

Like last year, there are no specially ticketed Halloween parties at Disneyland Paris. All Halloween festivities will take place during the regular park hours.

But don’t leave it too late to buy your park tickets for Disneyland Paris at Halloween. They will most likely be sold out if you try to buy them on the day, so be sure to buy your ticket and reserve the date ahead of time.

➡️ READ NEXT I go into more detail about tickets in my other blog post about the overall cheapest tickets for Disneyland Paris and everything you need to know about their new annual pass (now called the Disneyland Pass).  

Etsy Printable Disneyland Paris Halloween Checklist
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TIP #3: Be Prepared for Crowds (Especially for THESE Dates)

Is It Crowded at Disneyland Paris in October?

While it is undoubtedly a very popular season at Disneyland Paris, crowds will be much more noticeable at weekends and during Halloween week.

The worst dates for crowds will be 30-31st October.

  • To avoid the worst of the crowds, try to visit on a weekday and be sure to arrive 30 minutes before the park opens. 
  • If you find the crowds too much, consider buying a Disney Premier Pass One. For around 18 it will allow you to skip the queue for one ride. 
  • Following my 1-day Disneyland Paris Halloween Itinerary below, you will swerve the crowds with ease. 
A ruby coloured sky hangs above the Disneyland Paris at Halloween entrance

🎃 Spook-Tacular Details About This Halloween Event – All the Fun You Can Expect!

We’re going to talk about all the MUST-DO’s for Halloween at Disneyland Paris including:

  • Dark and thrilling rides
  • Unique character activities
  • Decorations for photo opportunities
  • Exciting snacks to tickle your tastebuds
Visiting the mystical green dragon under the castle is a must-do for Disneyland Paris at Halloween

TIP #4: Get Excited About THESE 5 Rides During Halloween at Disneyland Paris

If you are visiting Disneyland Paris from the USA, you may be surprised to learn that there are no ride overlays. Sadly we don’t get anything like the Nightmare Before Christmas at Disneyland California’s Haunted Mansion.

However, there are 5 must-do rides for Halloween at Disneyland Paris! These are attractions with a wonderfully spooky atmosphere:

  • Phantom Manor – Mickey does meet and greets at the base of this quintessential haunted house. Inside the Phantom Manor, you may find yourself becoming the 100th ghostly resident. Don’t forget to visit the adjacent Boneyard Cemetery and pay your respects to the Ravenswood Family.
  • Tower of Terror – Located in Walt Disney Studios, this attraction based on a frightening Twilight Zone story will leave you (happily) screaming.
  • Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains – Snow White’s escape from the spooky forest is a dark ride perfect for the Halloween season. Once you’ve evaded snarling wolves and sinister trees, look out for the Evil Queen in disguise!
  • La Tanière du Dragon – Visit the dark and foggy lair under the iconic castle. A pair of glowing eyes and a set of impressive teeth are sure to give you a Halloween greeting.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead men tell no tales… This rollicking boat ride will thrill you with ghostly pirates and spooky skeletons fiercely guarding their golden treasures.
Mickey in his Phantom Manor attire strikes a batlike pose with his cape

TIP #5: Don’t Miss These Rare Character Opportunities

✏️ PRO TIP Keep an eye on the Disney app for times and locations when you arrive at the parks.

Where Can We Find the Disney Halloween Characters?
  • Some characters will do walk-bys while others will have a dedicated queue to meet and greet.
  • Don’t miss the Halloween parade: Mickey’s Halloween Celebration. Mickey Mouse will be in his debonair best to wave to fans young and old from his Phantom Manor-themed float. And the catchy music will stay with you the rest of the day!
Which Special Characters Will Be Out for Halloween Season?

Everyone knows the best part of every Disney movie is the baddie! At Disneyland Paris during Halloween expect to find charismatic stars such as Jack Skellington, Captain Hook, the Queen of Hearts, Cruella De Vil, Maleficent and the Evil Queen.

You may also be treated to photos with classic Disney characters like Donald and Goofy in their adorable Halloween outfits.

➡️ The BEST Character Guide: ALL the Halloween characters at Disneyland Paris

TIP #6: Look Out For Disney Halloween Merchandise

Shops in Disneyland Paris at Halloween have promised a ghoulish selection of seasonal souvenirs. Look for special items dedicated to the Nightmare Before Christmas and Disney villains. 

My 3 favourite shops for the largest selection of Halloween merchandise are: 

  • Merlin l’Enchanteur in the castle for glass wands and items worthy of a sorcerer 
  • Thunder Mesa Mercantile Store in Frontierland for unique Disney Halloween pins 
  • La Boutique du Château (the Christmas shop behind the castle) for Jack Skellington and friends Christmas ornaments

TIP #7: Capture Photos of the Special Halloween Decorations

From the moment you enter the park, expect to be captivated by a Halloween bonanza. Disneyland Paris goes all out with Mickey-shaped pumpkins, beautiful autumnal garlands, pretty lanterns, and spooky (but friendly) décor throughout the parks.

My favourite spot to take photos of the decorations is around the gazebo at the entrance of Main Street. Mickey-shaped pumpkins and vibrant read-leafed garlands make the whole area pop! 

TIP #8: Enjoy the Halloween Snacks

What Are the Special Halloween Snacks at Disneyland Paris? And Where Can I Find Them?

It’s not Halloween without the treats! While you won’t find quite as many over-the-top snacks as in the American parks, Paris is slowly introducing more seasonal cookies, cakes and cocktails.

Some of the fun foods you can find at Disneyland Paris for Halloween are:

  • Chocolate-covered Mickey cookie with orange sprinkles at Boardwalk Candy Palace
  • Minnie-themed chocolate cake pop (pictured above) with a delicious passion-fruit-flavoured cake at Boardwalk Candy Palace
  • Madame Leota Sundae at Lucky Nugget. Chocolate flavour ice cream, caramel sauce, cookie chunks and cereal peals
  • Muah-Ah-Ah Burger, a black-bun bacon cheeseburger at Lucky Nugget. It is flavoured with pepper jack cheese, pumpkin-apple-chestnut compote, and black pepper sauce.
  • Mickey Mouse Bat Cookie, chocolate-covered shortbread at the kiosk near Col. Hathis
  • Mickey Meringue Lollipop frosted orange with a chocolate spiderweb
  • Disney Villains Delights at Victoria’s Restaurant. A selection of mini pastries resembling Ursula, Capt Hook, Evil Queen’s poisoned apple, Cruella DeVil and The Queen of Hearts
A ghoulish selection of food, snacks and drinks available in Disneyland Paris at Halloween, including a Maleficent sundae, Mickey mummy cookie pop and black bun burger
📸 Photo: Disneyland Paris official

✏️ PRO TIP If you want to sample the Disney Villains pastries at Victoria’s, get there early. This very popular Halloween snack sells out very early in the day. If there is a queue, you might want to politely ask to speak to someone in the restaurant first (I’ve waited in a queue for 20 minutes only to be told there were no more pastries left.)

If you’re dining at any of Disney’s buffet restaurants like Agrabah, Downtown, or Plaza Gardens they have a cute selection of mini Halloween treats, which might include:

  • Capt Hook cupcake
  • Pumpkin-shaped desserts
  • Jack-o-lantern macaroons

For something bewitching to drink, restaurants and hotel bars will have Oogie Boogie mocktails. Plus, the Little Devil Cocktail and the Poisoned Apple drink are offered for adults. 

🩷 BONUS SNACK TIP You might be surprised that my favourite Halloween dessert at Disneyland Paris this year wasn’t even in the parks! At the adjacent train station, Marne-Le-Vallee/Chessy, there is a Starbucks where I found a gorgeous Pumpkin Spice Latte (they have it both hot and iced) and a fresh Halloween doughnut. Both of which I was allowed into the park.

Starbucks is not particularly French, but I highly recommend a visit if you’re looking for that special Halloween snack fix and you can’t find it in the parks.

Disneyland Paris Halloween 2024 Parade with Mickey Mouse on a Haunted House float underneath the castle

TIP #9: Plan Your Day and Prioritse Halloween Must-Dos

Can I Do Disneyland Paris in 1-Day at Halloween?

Disneyland Paris is easily achievable if you would like to experience all the Halloween festivities in 1-day.

I even have for you a 1-day itinerary that takes in the spookiest rides, delicious seasonal snacks and best Halloween experiences you should try for the Halloween season at Disneyland Paris.

This Halloween itinerary is almost entirely in the main park, but to enjoy the Tower of Terror in Walt Disney Studios, you will need a park hopper ticket.

The tombstones, like these two leaning in on each other, at Bootyard Cemetery Phantom Manor Disneyland Paris all have funny stories

👻 Itinerary for 1-day in Disneyland Paris at Halloween

1. Arrive about 30 minutes before park opening (or before Extra Magic Time if staying at a Disney Hotel or if you have a Gold Annual Pass).

2. Grab a picture of the beautiful pumpkins and whimsical ghosts around the gazebo at the start of Main Street.

3. If the queues are not too crazy, jump in one to meet a special Halloween character while the park is quiet. Tigger is meeting at the beginning of Main Street and Stitch is at the end. You can also check the Disneyland Paris app for Halloween character meet times and locations.

Etsy Printable Disneyland Paris Halloween Checklist
👉 Also don’t forget to check out my pre-made, super cute PRINTABLE Halloween Checklist for Disneyland Paris. It’s on sale at Etsy and will keep you organised for your best day ever in the Disney Halloween season!

4. Stop into Boardwalk Candy Palace and take a Halloween treat like the Mickey shortbread cookie or a Minnie cake pop to enjoy now or later.

5. Walk down Main Street savouring the music and sweetly scented air.

6. Take a picture in front of the iconic Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty Castle). Don’t forget to take an extra fun one with your most villainous pose! When you’re finished, slip down the dark corridors to see the glowing green dragon kept captive in the spine-chilling dungeon.

The Evil Queen glows with malicious mischief as she prepares a poisoned apple in her bubbling cauldron
Photo: Disneyland Paris official

7. On the other side of the castle is Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves). With hungry wolves on your tail, race through the menacing trees and watch out for the Evil Queen! Trust me, this is the spookiest ride in Fantasyland.

8. If you haven’t experienced a character yet, keep an eye out for Disney Villains roaming in Fantasyland. ➡️ Check out my post on ALL the Disney Halloween characters you can meet, WHERE to find them and WHEN to meet them.

A smiling blonde woman with poison apple themed Mouse Ears is taking a selfie with the purple and pink grinning Cheshire Cat at Halloween Disneyland Paris. She is wearing a red gingham dress and bright green cardigan.

9. Wander over to Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. At the end of the cleverly-designed hedge maze is a rare villainous treat – the Queen of Heart’s Castle. Travel to the top and take in the marvellous views fit for the Queen With a Violent Temper (just watch your head!).

10. Feeling in the mood to carouse with riff-raff on the high seas? Head to Adventureland for Pirates of the Caribbean and hop aboard for an encounter with pirates both living and dead. Look out for that scoundrel Jack Sparrow who is likely to be up to no good somewhere nearby.

Jack Sparrow stands askance; he is dressed in pirate attire with brown boots and trousers, a loose white shirt and read scarf tying his dreadlocks back

11. Not too far away are the dark tunnels housing Le Passage Enchante d’Aladdin. At certain times you might find the nefarious Jafar taking an audience out front. Be sure to compliment his gloriousness; villains love when you do that.

12. If you are ready for an early lunch, pop into Casa de Coco – Restaurante de Familia for a Tex-Mex feast. It’s not particularly Halloween-themed, but they do have art representing the spirit guides from the Land of the Dead known as Alebrijes. The food is delicious, too (margarita optional, churros are a must-do!)

13. Check the Disneyland app for the times of the Halloween Cavalcade, where you can wave to Mickey and his friends in their best Halloween attire. You can fit that in either before or after the next step.

Two gargoyles holding candles flank a portrait of Melanie Ravenswood and her late husband. The darkness and striped wallpaper lend a sinister mood

14. Now for the pièce de resistance of your day of Halloween at Disneyland Paris! Travel through Frontierland all the way to Phantom Manor. Unravel the secrets of the ghostly bride in this intriguing haunted house. If you manage to escape (alive), take a left and follow the tree-lined path. You’ll come upon the wonderfully spooky Bootyard Cemetary, the final resting place of Melanie Ravenswood’s Family. It is also full of hilarious tombstones and quirky epitaphs.

15. Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas are often meeting outside Phantom Manor. ✏️ PRO TIP You probably won’t have time to meet them (the wait is over 3 hours!) but you can be cheeky and spy on them from the queue for Phantom Manor.

16. Looking for a sweet treat? Head back to Frontierland and pop into the Lucky Nugget for a Halloween exclusive – the Madame Leota-inspired chocolate sundae. Or head to the kiosk next to Colonel Hathis for a fun Mickey bat-shaped shortbread cookie.

17. Also nearby is the Thunder Mesa Mercantile Store. Don’t be deceived by its humble exterior! Inside is a sprawling store with pins, plushies, and more souvenirs than your credit card wants to know about. They are sure to have a Halloween memento perfect for you.

Two spiderweb-covered elegant chairs sit at an old-fashioned table. Their teacups and card game long abandoned in this spooky scene from Tower of Terror Walt Disney Studios

18. If you have a park hopper pass, it would be a good time to jog on over to Walt Disney Studios for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. A dimension of chills and hair-raising horrors awaits… When finished, and if time allows, catch Mickey and the Magician or the new Pixar Musical Adventure before popping back to the main park.

19. If you are not leaving for Walt Disney Studios, check the app for low wait times and head to your favourite villain-fighting attraction. HyperSpace Mountain will get your heart pumping as you blast tie fighters. Other favourites on a 1-day Disneyland Paris Halloween trip are Star Tours where you will face Kylo Ren or Darth Vader. And Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast which will have you defeat evil Emporer Zurg.

Darth Vader stands with two young boys, all of them holding a hand outstretched as if to exhibit the power of the force

20. If you are a fan of the Dark Side, you can meet Darth Vader near the exit for HyperSpace Mountain.

21. As your day is winding down, you may want to treat yourself to champagne (and a souvenir glass) to wait for the fireworks. There’s a cart just by Gibson Girl ice cream shop on Main Street. Kids might enjoy a hot chocolate and Nutella crepe; there’s a cart near the entrance to Discoveryland.

Sleeping Beauty Castle at night glows in purples in pinks during the Autumn season at Disneyland Paris

22. Ten minutes before the park closes, the fireworks pre-show: Nightfall with Disney Villains will take place at the castle. Projections will light up the castle walls while rock and roll music fills your ears.

23. Then, Disney Dreams, the nighttime spectacular, will light up the sky! It truly is a dazzling display of fireworks and music. It makes me tear up every time! But, crowds can be hard to manage, so my best tip is to stand or sit near the Royal Castle Stage.

OR, leave the crowds behind and have a lovely dinner at one of the Disney hotels. Sequoia Lodge has the most ambient bar for a Glow-tini. Or, order the special Halloween Poisoned Apple cocktail or the Oogie Boogie mocktail to finish off your perfect 1-day in Disneyland Paris at Halloween.

A glowing red martini glass with a crooked stem stands appetisingly on a table at Sequoia Lodge

TIP #10: Be Aware of Costume Restrictions

Can I Wear a Fancy Dress Costume During the Disneyland Paris Halloween Season?

Here is something that might catch some people out – the costume policy for Halloween at Disneyland Paris!

Unfortunately for adults, costumes are not allowed at Disneyland Paris during the Halloween season. This is a bit disappointing as in 2023, there is no special party to celebrate Halloween where costumes have previously been allowed. The reason behind it is that costumes on adults would be confusing for children – they might not realise you are not an official character or cast member.

However, Adults ARE allowed to wear costumes on 31st October.

And, children 12 and under are allowed to wear costumes at any time.

Carrie-Anne Hall, a Disneyland Paris blogger, is in a red dress and green cardigan holding a Minnie cake pop. In the background is Town Square decorated for Halloween


For adults wanting to get into the ‘spirit’ of things, you can still do so with fun Halloween apparel!

There is no restriction on Halloween t-shirts, Halloween Mouse Ears, or even wearing Halloween colours and accessories. Why not get an orange tutu, stripy tights or a cute witch’s hat?

The options for what to wear in the Disney Halloween season are endless. Just make sure it only has elements of a costume and not a full-on costume or a mask, and you’ll be fine to wear it in the parks.

Over to You!

Halloween is a thrilling time to be at Disneyland Paris. You will experience rare villain encounters, enjoy specially decorated treats and take in the wondrous autumnal decorations. 

So pack a jacket and your ears – get ready to make Halloween memories to last a lifetime!

👇Leave me a comment below and tell me what YOU are most looking forward to at Halloween.


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