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Plaza Gardens Character Breakfast and Dinner: 7 Things You Should Know Before Making a Reservation for YOUR Family

Plaza Gardens character breakfast is in this pink Victorian-style building. Outside, the restaurant sign has red letters in lights

If you’re looking to be warmed in your heart AND your belly, then I think you should consider booking the Plaza Gardens Character Breakfast at Disneyland Paris. 

One of the most popular table reservations in the park, it combines a casual buffet experience with meeting famous Disney characters in a charming Victorian ambience. 

So, gather your appetite, hold on to your Mickey Ears and let’s take a deep dive into what it’s really like to dine at Plaza Gardens Disneyland Paris. In this review, I’ll share my personal experience and all the tips and tricks you need including price, meal plans and getting that coveted reservation for breakfast or dinner. 

The interior of Plaza Gardens Disneyland Paris is cute Victoriana. A stone fountain is in the entryway while the buffet counter lies beyond

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1. Plaza Gardens Ambiance and Setting

Where is Plaza Gardens located? 

To get to Plaza Gardens, you need a ticket for Disneyland Paris (ie Parc Disneyland, the main park). 

Travel down Main Street USA. When you reach the end, and before you get to the castle, take the path on the right through the landscaped gardens. 

Even from the outside, Plaza Gardens is picturesque. The trickling fountain and red and gold antique sign guide welcome you to Main Street’s oldest building. 

What is the décor inside Plaza Gardens?

Inside the Victorian-style building, you’ll find a homage to times gone by with antique mirrors, vintage tiles, and pink and green velvet drapes. 

But if the Plaza Gardens character breakfast is starting to feel too fussy, think again. The general vibe at mealtimes is buzzy and casual. This family restaurant has a mix of tables and booths accommodating everyone from solo travellers to large families. 

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2. Opening Times and Booking a Table

Plaza Gardens is one of 5 restaurants in Disneyland Paris that you need a reservation for, and one of only 2 character restaurants. That makes it especially difficult to book. 

Let’s dive into the logistics of booking a table and at which times you can make a reservation.

⏰ What time are the meals served at Plaza Gardens?

  • The Character Breakfast at Plaza Gardens is served only at two times: 8:15 am or 9:45 am

You will need access to Extra Magic Time to book the 8:15 am sitting. Extra Magic Time is available to Disney hotel guests and certain annual passholders (ie Disneyland Paris Gold Pass). 

✏️ PRO TIP Davy Crockett Ranch guests are only allowed to book the Plaza Gardens character breakfast at the later sitting of 9:45 am. This is because Davy Crockett Ranch is only accessible by car, and the Disneyland car park won’t open in time to make the 8:15am reservation.

  • Lunch is served from noon
  • Dinner with characters is served from 6 pm

How to Get a Reservation at Plaza Gardens Disneyland Paris

Currently, the rules for off-site guests booking Plaza Gardens Disneyland Paris are: 

  • Breakfast with characters at Plaza Gardens can be booked 3 days in advance.
  • Lunch (non-character meal only) can be booked 2 months in advance.
  • Dinner with characters can be booked 2 months in advance.

Currently, the rules for Disney hotel guests booking Plaza Gardens Disneyland Paris are: 

  • As soon as you receive your hotel booking confirmation, you can make a Plaza Gardens table reservation using the Disneyland Paris app.
  • If you have a Disney Hotel + Tickets booking, you can also phone your holiday provider for a table reservation using the contact number on your confirmation letter (subject to availability). 
Image is of 2 boys eating dinner and smiling. The text reads: 9 ways to get a Disney dining reservation, even when they are sold out
Getting a Disney Dining reservation is easy – with these insider tips

What if I can’t get a reservation at Plaza Gardens? 

You have other options if you can’t get a table reservation at Plaza Gardens using the app. 

  1. Sign up for DLP tables. They will send you an email alert when a table becomes available. 
  2. On the day, ask the restaurant if they have any tables available. Guests make cancellations; you may get lucky in person. 
  3. Ask your hotel concierge if you are staying at a Disney Hotel. They will make a reservation for you as some tables are kept aside for hotel guests. 
  4. Keep checking the app from 3 days before your trip for openings. Cancellations always happen, so it’s worth checking now and then. 
  5. Read my full post on strategies for Getting a Table at Disneyland Paris, even when they are sold out. 
Larger than life Tigger at the Plaza Gardens character breakfast. He is an orange stripey tiger standing tall with his arms outstretched

3. Meeting Beloved Disney Characters 

Now we’ve come to my favourite part about dining at Plaza Gardens for breakfast – meeting the characters! 

If you haven’t been to a character meal before, you’ll find it an experience quite unlike any other. 

After you check into the restaurant for your reservation, a host or hostess will show you to your table. You can leave your coat or other non-valuables here while you visit the buffet counters. 

While you are eating your breakfast, characters will be travelling through the restaurant, stopping to visit each table individually. 

Which characters are at Plaza Gardens, Disneyland Paris? 

The characters you normally will meet at Plaza Gardens during breakfast are:

  • Eeyore and Tigger from Winnie the Pooh
  • Pinocchio and his father Geppetto
  • Smee and Captain Hook, the pirates from Peter Pan
  • Occasionally, they will swap a character out for Pluto instead

The characters featured at Plaza Gardens during dinner sometimes vary. But you will usually see some of the Mickey and Friends characters and some from Winnie the Pooh. In total, you will meet 6 out of these characters:

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse 
  • Goofy
  • Donald Duck 
  • Daisy 
  • Eeyore
  • Piglet
  • Tigger 
Eeyore, a grey donkey, is standing shyly at the character dining Disneyland Paris. Families in the background are eating breakfast and waiting to see him

Capturing Magical Moments

Meeting characters is part of what makes a Disney holiday so special. Even if you are not a fan, something about meeting a real-life Eeyore is something so magical it’s hard to put into words. 

✏️ 9 Top Tips for Interacting With Characters at Plaza Gardens 


Make sure your phone is charged. I promise there will be wonderful moments to capture forever, and there’s nothing worse than a surprise dead battery or no more memory in your phone! 


Children like having something to do while they’re meeting a character, so bring along something for the characters to sign. You can buy an autograph book, a Disney book, a canvas tote bag or even a pillowcase. My favourite is a photo mount for autographs like this one


Don’t forget to bring a pen if you’re getting signatures. The characters have big hands, so a Sharpie marker works best. Take the lid off for them – they will appreciate it!


Before you meet the characters, have a quick think about something you can ask them. They love it when you have something to talk about. For example, I ask Minnie and Daisy how it’s going at their Bowtique shop. Mickey and I often chat about his clothes (he proudly tells me that Minnie makes them for him). Perhaps your child can have a little bouncing contest with Tigger, or tell Eeyore they’re glad he has his tail back on again. Believing in the magic is half the fun! 


If you or your child have a special doll or are wearing a T-shirt with their character on it, they will be very excited to see it. Don’t be shy to show it off.


One thing all the characters have in common is that they love hugs! So, if you like hugs too, just put your arms out. It’s one of the best feelings in Disneyland Paris. 


The Disneyland Paris character restaurants want you to see all 6 characters. So be sure to speak to a host/hostess if you are close to finishing your meal and haven’t met one of them. 


Keep an eye out for the characters, but, please, don’t interrupt them when they’re with another family.

They will give you their undivided attention when it’s your turn. You can wave to them to get their attention when they pass by your table. 


And finally, look out for sticky fingers. Keep a pack of hand wipes on the table for wiping away syrup and butter on your hands and between visits to the buffet counter. It will keep your autograph book clean, and make meeting a character a little nicer for the next person. 

A selection of hot dishes including bacon rashers, scrambled eggs and sausages are in frying pans with serving tongs at this character breakfast buffet

4. Cuisine and Quality

Although most people will be visiting Plaza Gardens for the characters, it’s also important to consider the food. 

Plaza Gardens is an all-you-care-to-eat buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will be shown to your table, and then you can help yourself to all the food you care to eat. 

Food Served at Plaza Gardens Character Breakfast

  • Bread and pastries such as croissants and pain au chocolate 
  • Cereal and milk 
  • Scrambled eggs, sliced potatoes, beans, sausages and rashers 
  • Cold slices of meat and cheese
  • Smoked salmon
  • Mickey waffles, pancakes, and syrup 
  • A selection of fruit and yoghurt
A selection of sliced meats is on trays at the Plaza Gardens buffet

Lunch and Dinner Dishes at the Plaza Gardens Buffet

  • Meat such as steak and chicken with sauces
  • Baked salmon in lemon sauce
  • Seafood such as prawns and smoked salmon
  • Vegetarian dishes such as lentil salad, gnocchi and vegetable salads
  • Sliced cold meats and French cheeses
  • A selection of bread and butter
  • Kids’ friendly plain rice and pasta. As well as Mickey-shaped potatoes (croquettes) 
  • Prepared salad such as mozzarella and tomato, coleslaw and cucumber salad
  • A selection of make-your-own salads with lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet corn, mushrooms, boiled eggs etc and dressing
  • Fun mini desserts such as macaroons, fruit tarts, chocolate mousse, chocolate Mickey cake, Mickey cheesecakes and fruit salad
Plaza Gardens drink menu with prices, includes appertifs, beer, wine and coffees
Plaza Gardens drinks menu

What drinks are available?

There are hot drink machines situated at the back of the dining rooms at the Plaza Gardens character breakfast (coffee, tea and hot chocolate.) On the buffet counter is a selection of juice dispensers.

For lunch and dinner you may have Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, FuzeTea, Minute Maid Orange and Minute Maid Apple. You can also request a bottle of water (still or sparkling) at any meal. 

In the evening, you can also order hot drinks such as coffee, aperitifs, beer and wine at an additional cost (see photo above). 

A pancake machine at Plaza Gardens, where you can watch your pancakes cook
My kids loved watching their pancakes cook

Is the food any good?

👱🏻‍♀️ MY EXPERIENCE: The breakfast food at Plaza Gardens is standard theme park buffet fare. It is designed to appeal to families with a wide variety of European tastes. 

I found a nice selection at breakfast; the Mickey waffles are always a treat and the pancake machine was a novelty for kids. Overall, the food wasn’t that hot, nor was there anything new or overly interesting. However, it was fresh, tasted good, and there were plenty of vegetarian options for me to eat on my solo adventure. On another occasion, I dined with my family and the kids were very pleased with their breakfast, piling their plates high with pancakes, waffles and pastries. My husband enjoyed the meat selection and unlimited coffee. 

At dinner, we found enough to satisfy even my picky-eater son – plain rice, plain pasta and Mickey-shaped potatoes were a winner! He also ate the baked salmon and some fruit. Both of my children liked the desserts best, especially the selection of sweets!

I also found a good variety of vegetarian food at dinner, and my husband enjoyed the steak with peppercorn sauce.

✏️ PRO TIP The dinner has a better standard of food than breakfast, but it costs much more. 

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Dietary Options (Vegan, Gluten-free) and Special Requests at Plaza Gardens

If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, make sure to put them in the ‘special requests’ box of your dining reservation on the Disneyland Paris app. Or if you are phoning Disney, or booking in person, let your service agent know. 

At the Plaza Gardens buffet breakfast, vegan options normally include: 

  • Croissants (if you request the vegan version) 
  • Baked beans 
  • Vegan sausages
  • A selection of fruit 
  • Non-dairy options such as soy 

✏️ PRO TIP Vegan options are marked on the allergy card. You can also ask the chef, but the allergy card is more reliable. 

At the Plaza Gardens buffet lunch and dinner, vegan options normally include: 

  • Vegan meat substitute
  • A selection of salads, vegetables and vegetable dishes
  • Plain white rice
  • Mickey-shaped potato (croquettes) 
  • Gnocchi 
  • Pasta with marinara sauce
Geppetto straightens his glasses. He is wearing his workshop apron at the character dining Disneyland Paris
Geppetto takes time from his workshop to meet guests at Plaza Gardens breakfast buffet

Gluten-free breakfast choices at Plaza Gardens include: 

  • Bread and muffins (gluten-free on request) 
  • Bacon, eggs and cooked meats 
  • Smoked salmon 

Gluten-free lunch and dinner choices at Plaza Gardens include: 

  • Bread (gluten-free on request) 
  • Chicken, meat, and fish dishes (check labels) 
  • Vegetables, salads
  • Macaroons 
Smee is donning a slightly too small blue and white stripey shirt and blue shorts

5. Birthdays and Celebration Tips

Can I Celebrate a Birthday at Plaza Gardens?

If you are celebrating a birthday, Plaza Gardens is a lovely place to have a meal. You may order a birthday cake and the characters will be present to see it delivered and a special birthday song will be played.

If you would like to purchase a Mickey birthday cake, it currently costs €35. You will need to include it on the reservation you make in the app (see photo below). Find out more about Disney birthday cakes.

🤓 GOOD TO KNOW Can I bring my birthday cake to Plaza Gardens?

Unfortunately, guests are not invited to bring their own celebration cakes to Plaza Gardens.

6. Cost, Disney Meal Plan, and Value

How much does Plaza Gardens cost, do they take meal vouchers, and is it value for money? 

As of August 2023, the price for a meal at Plaza Gardens is: 

  • Breakfast with characters €50 adult / €40 child 3-11 years old
  • Lunch (no characters) €45 adult / €25 child 3-11 years old
  • Dinner with characters €80 adult / €40 child 3-11 years old 

Plaza Gardens will accept meal vouchers, but in some cases, you will have to pay a supplement. For example: 

  • For the standard Disney meal plans, half- or full-board, you will subtract €30 per adult from the price of the meal (i.e. your voucher is worth €30, and you will pay the difference).
  • For the ‘Extra Plus’ meal plan, one character breakfast is included per stay, so there is nothing additional to pay.
Capt Hook stands proudly in his regal red coat with his famous hook hand extended

Reasons Why Plaza Garden Is Good Value for Money

  • In busy seasons, meeting characters in the restaurant saves you from waiting long hours in a queue in the park to meet them.
  • Meeting characters at your table can feel more relaxed and personal
  • If your family enjoys a wide selection of food, eating at a buffet means there is generally something for everyone
  • Having a sit-down meal can be great for tired feet. It offers a break while remaining inside the heart of Disneyland Park. 
  • The food selection is at a good standard for theme park food. 

Reasons Why Plaza Garden May Not Feel Like Good Value for Money

  • If you are on a budget, it is far less expensive to eat at the quick service establishments. 
  • Having a meal takes 60-90 minutes out of your busy park day. You are also tied to eating your meals at a certain time as the reservation is fixed.
  • It does not cost anything to meet characters in the park, so a character meal is an additional expense.
  • If you don’t enjoy a buffet, you may prefer to eat from an a la carte menu at Capt Jack’s or Walt’s Restaurant. 
  • The food is of above-average quality to appeal to most families. But, if you are not fussed about meeting characters, the buffet is superior at Downtown, Hunter’s Grill or Cape Cod.

👱🏻‍♀️MY EXPERIENCE: I think a character meal should be on everyone’s Disneyland Paris Bucket List. If it is your first time in Disneyland Paris, it is an experience you and your family will always treasure. 

Pros: It’s fun for both a solo traveller and a family, as the characters are happy to meet guests young and old. Children will especially enjoy meeting the characters, but as an adult, I enjoy the experience, too. 

Cons: I wouldn’t pay to dine with characters every time I visit Disneyland Paris because it is very pricey for what you get. And if it is not comfortably in your budget, give it a miss. Good food can be found at the quick service venues, and you can meet characters in the park for free. If you are considering just lunch at Plaza Gardens, I honestly don’t think it is the best value for money without the characters. 

The exterior of Plaza Gardens under a blue sky with clouds parting

7. Review of Plaza Gardens (And How to Make the Most of Your Time)

Plaza Gardens Disneyland Paris is a magical one-in-a-lifetime experience. Meeting Eeyore and having piles of Mickey pancakes is a dream come true. And an evening meal with Mickey and friends is equally heart-warming!

⭐ My Top DOs and DON’Ts for Plaza Gardens Disneyland Paris

  • DO look out for all 6 characters to make the most of your time there.
  • DO ask for a drink refill when available. Have an extra beverage if you desire.
  • DO book a later buffet breakfast so you can skip lunch.
  • DO bring something to autograph for a lovely keepsake of your experience.
  • DON’T forget that adults are invited to believe in the magic, too. It’s what Walt Disney wanted when he dreamed about Disneyland. 

Over to You

Have you experienced a character meal? Or do you have any questions? 👇 Leave your thoughts in the comments. 

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  1. This blog post is so helpful…thank you so much! I’m going to Plaza Gardens in late Sept and thought I was prepared enough but wasn’t! Now I feel more comfortable on what to expect and how to make the experience really great.

  2. I’m heading on a solo trip there next month and this convinced me to go for it and book the breakfast, thank you!

  3. If you go solo are the staff happy to help by taking videos and pictures when you meet the characters? Worried going solo will mean won’t be easy to get pics and might be a waste of money?

    1. I have always found staff are happy to take a photo for me on my solo trips. If you are thinking it might be a waste of money, what you could do is ask for a temporary PhotoPass at the meet and greets. Then, at the end of the day, have a look at your photos and you can decide at that point if you want to purchase it. Alternatively you can ask Staff to take a photo with your mobile phone. This sometimes is ok and sometimes it isn’t. When I met Pooh Bear I asked the family behind me to take my picture and then I returned the favour for them.

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