The Train From Paris to Disneyland Paris is a Snap! How to Do Gare du Nord to Disneyland Paris (And Back!) in 10 Simple Steps With PICTURES.

If you’re dreaming of sweet Mickey waffles, dazzling character parades and taking pictures of that gorgeous pink castle, you deserve to make those dreams come true. And what better way to start your journey than by taking the train from Paris Gare du Nord to Disneyland Paris

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The main concourse in Paris, the beginning of your jounrey Eurostar Gare du Nord to Disneyland Paris
The main concourse at Paris Gare du Nord

My easy-to-follow guide will walk you through every step of the process, from stepping off your Eurostar train in Paris Gare to Nord to changing on the RER Metro train for Marne-La-Vallee/Chessy and Disneyland! So, grab your passport and Mouse Ears and let’s go-o-o-!

🤓 GOOD TO KNOW It’s important to remember that Eurostar trains are no longer operating a direct service from London to Disneyland Paris. While there are a few options for getting to Disneyland, in this article we will be concentrating on my favourite route which is the train from Paris to Disneyland Paris on the RER. You might want to read a list of the pros and cons of taking this route before you continue. 

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🚄PART I: Your Introduction to the Eurostar

Let me give you a quick introduction to Eurostar if you’re not familiar with it. 

The Eurostar is a high-speed train that has various routes around Europe, but the route we are interested in is the one that will take you from the heart of London to Disneyland Paris. 

More precisely, you will be travelling on the Eurostar from London St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord. Then changing for the RER train to Disneyland Paris. Your final train destination will be Marne-La-Vallee/Chessy, which is only a few steps away from the Disneyland Paris entrance!

➡️ Is this your first time using the Eurostar? Check out my post, First-timers Guide To Eurostar For Disneyland Paris – everything you need to know door-to-door (so you can relax!). It covers booking your tickets, using the departure lounge, what it’s like onboard and tips to make the journey easy.

Passengers disembarking the Eurostar train at Paris Gare du Nord on blue sky day
Passengers disembarking the Eurostar train at Paris Gare du Nord

🚇PART II: Changing Trains at Gare du Nord and Using the Metro RER Train From Paris to Disneyland Paris

Hopefully, you will have had an easy and pleasant journey aboard the Eurostar from London to Paris Gare du Nord. So let’s talk about how to get the train from Paris to Disneyland Paris.

10 Simple Steps for Going From Paris Gare du Nord to Disneyland Paris by Train

I am a person that gets lost easily, so I’m going to give you really clear directions. I’ll share in detail (with photos!) exactly how to take the train from Eurostar at Paris Gare du Nord to Disneyland Paris in Marne-La-Vallee/Chessy.

With these directions, you should feel absolutely confident about making this journey on your own, even for the first time.

The head of the Eurostar to Disneyland Paris train is blue with a swirly 'e' and yellow writing

STEP 1: Disembark the Eurostar

When your train comes to a stop, you will collect your luggage and exit the train. Follow the crowds to the end of the train platform and arrive on the main concourse. 

🤓 GOOD TO KNOW When you arrive in Paris Gare du Nord, it is as simple as stepping off the train and on to your destination. Isn’t it great that you already did passport control back in London St Pancras?

The colourful RER Metro sign has a large M on it.
Look for this sign after you disembark the Eurostar from London when taking the train from Paris Gare du Nord to Disneyland Paris

STEP 2: Find the Metro 

Now look for a big sign with an ‘M’ on it. This is the entrance to the Metro RER trains. (see picture above). 

Once you spot that M sign, you will see an escalator which will take you to the level below.  

A busy ticket hall for RER trains at Gare du Nord. Customers are queing up to buy their train tickets
This is the ticket hall for RER trains at Gare du Nord

STEP 3: Buy a Ticket

Coming off the escalator you will spot an area with ticket machines and a ticket window. The queues tend to be much shorter for the ticket machines.  

✏️ PRO TIP Have your payment card ready. 

When you get to the ticket machine, first choose your language on the screen (ie English). Now look for the button on the screen with the big Mickey Mouse head. Press that; it is for the station you are going to which is Marne-La-Vallee/Chessy. A single ticket currently costs €5 for adults. Go ahead and make your purchase and your ticket will be printed. 

(There should be a ticket agent nearby to assist you if you run into any problems.)

🙋‍♀️Special tips if you don’t see the Mickey head button

If you are buying your ticket from a machine that doesn’t have the Mickey head button, this is what you need to do:

  1. Change the language (ie change it to English) by pressing the flag button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Push the button that says ‘Purchase Tickets’
  3. Select the button that says ‘Ile de France’
  4. Press ‘Another Station’
  5. Start typing ‘Marn’ (for Marne-La-Vallee)
  6. Select ‘MARNE-V.CHESSY’
  7. Choose your ticket (full fare or child)
🎟️Consider a Navigo pass for longer trips

If you are staying in Paris for longer than a few days and planning to use the metro frequently, a Navigo weekly pass may be more beneficial. For approx €30.75 you can travel on zones 1-5 from Sunday to Saturday.

💰Payment Methods to buy tickets for train From paris to disneyland paris

Ticket machines will accept payment by all major debit/credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay etc.

NOTE Americans with payment cards without a CHIP/PIN may run into trouble at the machines. It’s best to take a card with PIN or use the ticket windows.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you want to pay by cash, you can only buy your train tickets from the ticket window.

A sign above shows B and D trains, while a man in shorts and a sweatshirt walks underneath it
Look for the signs showing B (blue) and D (green) RER trains

STEP 4: Find Your Train and Use Your Ticket

Now that you have your ticket, follow the signs for the RER B (blue) or RER D (green) line. Either of these is fine (see picture above).

You want to take RER B or RER D going SUD (which means South). 

TIP: I have committed this to memory in a silly way. ‘No, no, no to NORD. SUD is not a dud!’ This little phrase always helps me remember to take the SUD train to Disneyland Paris. Feel free to use this or any other mnemonic device to remember your route!

The signs will lead you to a ticket barrier. Pop in your ticket, take it out and then the doors will open. But don’t mess around, they won’t stay open for long! 

Escalator with passengers going down to the platform below. B and D are lit up in lights
Take the escalator down to the platform for RER B and D ‘Sud’

STEP 5: Go down to Your Platform 

You’ll come to an escalator to go down again, take that for the B (green) and D (green) lines, platforms 44 and 42.

The B train platform at Paris Gare du Nord. Take one of these trains to Chatelet Les Halles

STEP 6: Board the Train 

Now you are on the platform. Get on the next train and travel 1 stop – 3 minutes – to Chatelet Les Halles.

My surname is Hall, so this is an easy one for me to remember: Chatelet Les Hall = Hall’s small castle. Seems appropriate as we’re going to Disneyland! 😆

Chatelet Les Halles train platform
Exit the train at Chatelet Les Halles

STEP 7: Get Off Quickly!

I can’t emphasise this enough. Don’t get daydreamy and stay on this train. When it gets to the next stop, you need to get off.

This stop is called Chatelet Les Halles.

Follow the signs to RER A (red)
RER A signage. A monitor here shows how many minutes it is till the next train to Marne-la-Vallee Disneyland Paris. Notice the cute Mickey head?

STEP 8: Walk to the Platform for RER A

This part is fairly easy – you need to get to the platform for RER A (red).

Depending on which train you got off (B or D), there are slightly different ways to get to RER A. But both are well signposted.

  • Once you get off the train, you will either walk straight across the platform to the RER A (red) train. 
  • OR You will need to take an escalator and cross over that way.

Either way, follow the RER A sign, it has the cute Mickey head on it (see picture above). 

This is the platform for RER A to Marne-la-Vallee from Chatelet Les Halles. The monitor above says l’approche, which means the train is approaching now.
This train from Paris to Disneyland Paris is called RER A. It is a silver double-decker train with teal and white doors
This is a train from Paris to Disneyland Paris you will be boarding. If the doors don’t open, press the button
A view of the upstairs deck on a train Paris to Disneyland Paris - silver stairs  with hand rails. The chairs have orange upholstery
Seating is upstairs…
…and also downstairs

STEP 9: Take the Train to Disney

Now board that train! But first CHECK ON THE MONITOR that it is going to Marne-la-Vallee/Chessy.

🤓 GOOD TO KNOW If you accidentally get on the wrong train, or your train terminates before you get to Disneyland, don’t panic. If it has terminated early, get off wherever it stops and wait on the same platform for the next one going to Marne-la-Vallee/Chessy. They all travel in the same direction, and you will arrive roughly the same time anyway. But if you got on the wrong train (watch out for the train going to Boissy-Saint-Leger – this won’t take you to Disney!!!), make your way back to Chatelet Les Halles or Vincennes station and try again.

On the train, you will see it has multiple levels. You can choose to go upstairs or downstairs (see photos above). Once you board, double-check the monitor (that one has the train stops on it). Make sure the last stop is Marne-la-Vallee/Chessy.

Now, make yourself comfortable because this ride has 13-14 stops and will take about 40 minutes. You will know you are almost there when you get to Val d’Europe; Disneyland is the next stop after that. 

Marne-la-Vallee/Chessy where you will get off for Disneyland Paris
The stairs and escalators to exit the station

STEP 10: Disembark

No need to worry about missing your stop – Marne-La-Vallee/Chessy is the final destination of this RER A train. 

When you get to Chessy, collect your belongings, and disembark. Follow the crowds up the escalator or stairs and have your ticket ready for the barriers. 

✏️ PRO TIP Take special care with your little paper ticket. Try not to fold or bend it during the journey. Also, do not store it next to your credit/debit cards or mobile phone because it might de-magnetise. 

If your ticket does not work at the barrier for any reason, go to the far end (on the left) and press the assistance button. Someone will answer to help you. They will be able to unlock the big silver gate, but you may need to give it a little shove to push it open. 

The Magic Sign That Makes All This Travel Worth It…

Exit the ticket barrier, head towards the left and you will see the glorious sign for Disneyland Paris. Magic and adventure await you just outside the station! 

🌟YOUR CHEAT SHEET: Gare du Nord to Disneyland Paris

➡️ FREEBIE! Tap and save this handy little image. No need to write down all of these directions for your train journey. Just screenshot or tap and save this cheat sheet to your phone so you have it with you.

Tap and save this image to your phone: A cheat sheet for the train Paris Gare du Nord to Disneyland Paris

🏡Part III: Returning Home: Disneyland Paris to Paris Gare du Nord (And on to London St Pancras)

It’s always tough heading home from a magical holiday (the Disney Blues are real!). At least your journey back to the Eurostar won’t be difficult. 

Saying goodbye to Disneyland Paris is never easy 🥹

6 Simple Steps for Going Home: Marne-La-Vallee/Chessy (Disneyland) to Paris Gare du Nord

In a nutshell, Disneyland Paris to Gare du Nord is the same as your outbound journey but in reverse.

STEP 1: Buy Your Ticket in the RER Ticket Hall at Chessy

Leaving Disney, you will exit through Disney Village and head back to Marne-La-Vallee/Chessy station. Once inside, walk to the left side (the smaller hall; don’t go in the main concourse bit for Eurostar). You want to use the RER Metro trains.  

Buy a ticket from the ticket machines or at the customer window. The queues will be shorter at the machines. 

On the screen, you may need to change the language (to English for example). Then select ‘Tickets for Paris City.’ It will cost €5 for one ticket.

STEP 2: Take the Train

Use your ticket at the barriers and take the stairs or escalator down to the platform.

All trains are RER A, so you don’t need to worry about getting on the wrong train. 

This is the train you will be boarding at Marne-La-Vallee/Chessy. Take it to Chatelet Les Halles.

STEP 3: Your Journey to Chatelet Les Halles

Once onboard, get comfortable. Your journey will last about 40 minutes with 13-14 stops. There are screens onboard showing which stops are coming up. You need to get off at Chatelet Les Halles. (This is one stop past Gare du Lyon.)

STEP 4: Change Trains at Chatelet Les Halles

At Chatelet Les Halles, disembark and follow the signs for RER B (blue) towards Aeroport CDG. OR you could take RER D (green) going towards Orry-la-Ville – Coye. 

I tend to take whichever one I spot first as they both run frequently. 

STEP 5: Get off at Gare du Nord

On either train, go one stop to Gare du Nord (about 3 minutes) and get off. 

Follow signs like this that say ‘Grandes Lignes.’ They will take you to the Eurostar
Finally, you will see an escalator and a sign that says ‘Eurostar’

STEP 6: Go to the Eurostar

Once you have disembarked the train at Gare du Nord, follow the signs for GRANDES LIGNES. You will be led to an escalator to go up a level. Finally, you will see signs for Eurostar and you will go up one more escalator to check-in. 

TIP: Leave yourself a little extra time for the return journey in case of delays. On my last trip, the train from Chatelet Les Halles stopped for about 15 minutes. I budget for at least 90 minutes from leaving Disneyland Paris to arriving at the Eurostar check-in. 

🌟YOUR CHEAT SHEET: Disneyland Paris to Paris Gare du Nord 

➡️ FREEBIE: Tap and save this handy little image! No need to write down all these directions. Just screenshot or tap and save this little cheat sheet to your phone so you have it with you when you make your return journey.

Cheat sheet free download, directions for taking the RER train from Disneyland Paris to Gare du Nord. Perfect for Eurostar users. Tap and download to your phone
FREE CHEAT SHEET: Tap and save this image for your train from Disneyland Paris to Paris Gare du Nord
Eurostar check-in area. A very large blue and yellow sign describes 5 steps to checking in
Eurostar Check-in Area

🛂Part IV: Check-in and Departure for Eurostar Paris Gare du Nord

A) Check in for Eurostar at Paris Gare du Nord

If you have ever taken a flight, you will appreciate that the check-in for Eurostar at Gare du Nord is quick and simple. When you arrive, you will see a screen and signs showing which Eurostar trains can check-in. When your time is showing you can head on in. 

6 steps to check in for your Eurostar train

1. Tap your Eurostar ticket barcode at the ticket barrier. You can use a paper ticket or one on your phone/Apple Wallet. 

2. At security, put your belongings in the plastic bins and send them on the conveyor belt. Go through the metal detector and pick up your bin on the other side. TIP: You can place your mobile phone on the side while you walk through. 

3. The next part is the biometric passport reader. When you get a green light, you will step forward and put your passport on the glass reader (make sure it is facing the right way). Then the barrier will open and you will step through to have your picture taken. Then the second door will open and you can step through. 

4. At the next point, you will give your passport to the person at passport control. After it is inspected by French immigration, you are free to go to the next area. 

5. There is one more passport reader, this is for UK immigration

6. When you are done here you can head on in and relax in the departure lounge

A bustling shop in Gare du Nord, L'Occitane, which sells perfumes and toiletries
L’Occitane is in the Eurostar departure lounge at Gare du Nord

B) Inside the Departure Lounge at Gare du Nord

The departure lounge at Gare du Nord is much larger than the one at Lille or even London St Pancras.

Here you will find: 

  • Duty-free shop 
  • Tax refund facility 
  • Newsagent
  • Wild coffee 
  • Exki Nature’s Kitchen, a food outlet for salads and smoothies etc
  • Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse, a posh chocolate shop
  • Paul for nice sandwiches and drinks 
  • L’Occitane for toiletries
  • Toilets with baby-changing facilities
Water bottle refill station near a chocolate shop (Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse) in Gare du Nord
Water bottle station at Gare du Nord

C) 5 Special Tips for the Eurostar Departure Lounge at Gare du Nord

Here are some special things I’ve learned about the departure lounge that might help you.

  • The toilets are free of charge but not amazing whenever I have visited – definitely bring some tissue paper with you. 
  • Wi-Fi is provided for free, but I often find it’s not working, so don’t rely on it for anything important. 
  • There are some electric outlets available to charge your devices. If you head to the back of the lounge (beyond Paul’s) you will find there are several on either wall. 
  • Upstairs is a quieter seating area and a few more power outlets at the barstools. 
  • There is a private lounge for Business Premier which has cocktails, smoothies, snacks, drinks, magazines and newspapers. 
Passengers boarding the Eurostar to London St Pancras
Passengers travel on the escalator down to the platform to board the Eurostar to London St Pancras

🧳Part V: Board your Eurostar for London St Pancras

Eurostar boarding to London St Pancras begins about 20 minutes before departure. You will take an escalator, stairs or lift down to the train platform. 

As before, store your smaller luggage on the shelf above your seat. The journey back to London in the evening is usually very quiet, with many passengers opting for a little snooze on the way home. 

➡️ Want to know about what’s onboard the Eurostar train? Check out my helpful guide to the Eurostar for first-timers, including lots of tips and tricks.

A brick archway and a blue sign pointing the way to the Underground at London St Pancras
Signs for the underground at London St Pancras

Our Journey Comes to an End, but Your Adventure Is Just Beginning

I hope this step-by-step guide to taking the train from Paris to Disneyland Paris (and back!) has made you feel confident about your journey.

Leave a comment here if you have any more questions. Happy planning! 

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