Why you should try Walt’s Disneyland Paris Restaurant (and not just for the ‘gram)

Have you done all the rides, seen the parades, eaten the Mickey Bars, and still yearned for something more? Maybe you want to dig deeper into the Disney experience or are curious to form a personal connection to Walt Disney himself? Or, have you heard that Walt’s Disneyland Paris Restaurant is the Club 33 that anyone can dine at?

Regardless of your reasons, you will find that Walt’s American Restaurant in Disneyland Paris is a dining experience that promises to go beyond the ordinary theme park experience. I dined recently and want to share why you should try Walt’s Disneyland Paris restaurant, too. I will share its history, how it feels when you’re there, tips for parents and solo travellers, and what I liked on the menu.

🤫 Are you a Disney fan? I’ll tell you 10 secret things to look out for when you’re there!

Under a blue sky, Walt's Disneyland Paris Restaurant sits proudly with it's cream walls and green canopied windows on Main Street USA

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Where is Walt’s Disneyland Paris Restaurant?

On the left side, nestled in the middle of Main Street‘s Victorian shopfronts, you’ll find Walt’s American Restaurant – a pink and cream building with green canopied windows.

Fun Fact: Walt’s American Restaurant address is 1401 Flower Street – the same address as Walt Disney Imagineering Headquarters in California, USA.

There are two floors: Downstairs is the reception filled with unique souvenirs of Walt’s early life. Upstairs are the dining rooms, and you can even take the old-fashioned glass elevator if you wish.

A hidden gem is this bronze bust of a grinning Walt Disney which sits in the reception of Walt's An American Restaurant Disneyland Paris.

Walt’s History and Theming

In April 1992 as part of the grand opening of EuroDisney (now Disneyland Paris), Walt’s An American Restaurant was designed as a tribute to Mr. Disney’s love for fine dining and his fascination with early 20th-century American culture.

The restaurant’s name pays homage to the man whose dreams brought Disneyland to life. It stands as a testament to DLP’s commitment to preserving the magic and legacy of Walt Disney himself.

A pretty window seat at Walt's Disneyland Paris is framed in pink velvet curtains. A table for 2 is set up and the ambience is classy

The Interior Look of Walt’s Restaurant

Although the rooms are each individually themed, together they embrace the nostalgia of when America was alive with style and innovation.

Not all rooms are open at all times, nor can you always get the room requested, but it never hurts to ask at check-in if you have a particular favourite.

6 Themed Rooms at Walt’s American Restaurant Disneyland Paris

1. Fantasyland. Are you a fan of the fairy tales that Walt was so enchanted with? You will find here gothic-style paintings and sculptures which inspired Sleeping Beauty castle, and films like Fantasia, Pinocchio, and Snow White. The deep purple wallpaper, carpets and chairs are all in vintage florals. I love the statue of the Queen of Hearts and the beautiful painting of Sleeping Beauty castle.

2. The Disneyland Hotel. This is the room that I dined in (pictured above). On the walls are sketches which inspired the hotel’s architecture. Its pretty tables overlook Main Street and the windows are framed in pink velvet curtains. If you like classic Victoriana, you will love this room. (Plus, it also has the best views of Main Street U.S.A.! Which makes it my favourite.)

3. Thunder Mesa. Walt was a huge fan of the American Wild West, and this masculine room celebrates Frontierland and the inspiration behind Thunder Mesa. It has black-and-white pictures of cowboys and Native American Indians. On top of the fireplace, there is a stunning oil painting of Thunder Mountain, Liberty Belle, and Phantom Manor. The walls are adorned with wooden bookcases filled with vintage books, and the seats are made of warm brown leather. The feel here is like your rich grandfather’s study (if your grandfather is Walt Disney!).

A stained glass window depicting the grand canyon is on a wall of this hallway linking two rooms at Walt's. In the background is a waiter in a white shirt and black trousers carrying a tray
The stained glass window of the Grand Canyon room is easy to see even if not dining in that room.

4. Discoveryland. This room has the most beautiful ceiling in my opinion – dreamy blues and greens with a gold constellation pattern, celebrating Walt’s fascination with the world of tomorrow. It has sea-green walls and carpets to match, accented with wavy, red velvet chairs.

5. Adventureland. Perhaps one of the most distinctive rooms, this one has cream wallpaper with a blue design and royal blue velvet curtains accented in gold. From the ceiling hand Moroccan lamps. The walls have swords and African and Asian artefacts, and there’s even a pirate ship enclosed in glass. This room nods to Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise in WDW (in the end, it was never built in DLP).

6. Grand Canyon. This theme sounds a bit odd compared with the list above, but it carries on from the Frontierland-themed room. It’s small, has a large oil painting of the Grand Canyon and is clad almost completely in mahogany wood. On one wall is an extravagant stained glass depicting a view into the canyons (pictured above). I get the feeling that this room comes into its own over the festive period when it has a Christmas tree. And if you have a large party, this room would almost provide a private experience.

The ground floor of Walt's An American Restaurant has a piano, a bust of the man himself and a selection of family photographs including one of Walt's bother, Roy

Everything You Need to Know Before Booking Walt’s – An American Restaurant 

Here’s a practical guide to Walt’s, including pricing, meal plans and how to book a table.

  • Meals available: Lunch or Dinner
  • How to make a dining reservation: Use the Disneyland Paris app to make a reservation. Do this as soon as you book your Disneyland Paris Hotel or 60 days before if staying offsite. See my expert tips on How to Get a Table When Walt’s is Fully Booked.
  • Opening hours: Usually open at 11:30 am with a last sitting around 90 minutes before the park closes.
  • Prices: In late 2023 the prices for Walt’s are: €55 for a Starter, Main Course and Dessert. €75 to include 3 small glasses of wine paired with the three courses. The children’s meal is €30 for a Starter, Main Course, Dessert and a drink.
  • Dining Plan: Standard, Plus, and Extra Plus are all accepted for Lunch and Dinner.
A fancy golden frame for a photograph of young Walt Disney and a pile of Mickey Mouse dolls

Is Walt’s Recommended for Children and Families? 

Every family is different, so it really depends on the personalities of your children if they would like Walt’s An American Restaurant. Some children, given the choice, might prefer a character meal at Plaza Gardens or any of the excellent buffets in the Disney Hotels. A buffet offers a break from sitting quietly at the table. And the Disney characters are a happy distraction!

And, in honesty, Walt’s wouldn’t be my kids’ favourite place to eat. There is not much on the children’s menu that my unadventurous children would order (much to my disappointment!). 

However, what is a drawback for some families may be its best quality for others.

Consider that the ambience here is quiet and serene. This will suit some families, especially children with special needs who may appreciate a less chaotic atmosphere. If your infant is going to have a nap while you dine, Walt’s is certainly calmer and quieter for that to happen.

Babies and children are certainly welcome here. This is a Disney park, and Walt’s Restaurant will happily accommodate families of all ages. Read on for my top tips if you’re planning to take your young family to Walt’s.

5 Tips for Bringing Young Children to Walt’s

1. If you have an infant, you will not need to worry about the menu. Pre-order a small portion of baby food and/or bring a bottle of milk. 

2. You may be asked to leave your pushchair in reception on the ground floor if your child is big enough for a high chair. Otherwise, you can take a stroller in the lift.

3. A baby changing area is available but only in the ladies’ toilets. 

4. The highchair provided is the same Mickey chair they have at all the restaurants. It is quite roomy and probably best suits children 2-3 years old. You may want to have your younger baby in their pushchair instead. 

5. The Steamboat Willie menu has specific dishes for children aged 3 and up. It offers a starter, main course and dessert and usually includes a drink. The options are generally a smaller (and less seasoned) version of the adult meals.

There is also a little game included on their paper menu or you can bring your own entertainment (we love these Disney activity books and Frozen colouring books).

A golden picture frame holding a black-and-white photo of young Walt walking through the castle at Disneyland California.

Is Walt’s Recommended for Solo Travellers? / Is Walt’s Recommended for an Adult’s Trip to Disneyland Paris? 

As a solo traveller, I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Walt’s Disneyland Paris. My waiter was friendly and attentive, and I ended up chatting with the gentlemen seated across from me. I was given a lovely table in the Disneyland Hotel room, and I didn’t feel rushed or forgotten. I would highly recommend Walts if you are dining alone.

Equally, the restaurant would suit any party of adults and older children (your teenage Disney fans might especially enjoy the Disney paraphernalia you can’t see anywhere else in the parks).

Tap to check the most up-to-date menu for Walt’s American Restaurant, as it tends to change it seasonally.

What Kind of Food is at Walt’s American Restaurant? 

Disney describes the menu at Walt’s as: ‘Sophisticated and contemporary American cuisine with European influences.’ 

The thing that strikes me the most about the menu at Walt’s is that it is not particularly fussy for a ‘Club 33’-esque, classy European restaurant. The dishes are relatively simple for general theme park guests: chicken pot pie, fish, chilli con carne, macaroni and cheese, and roast chicken breast. 

The focus is less on impressing you with fine food and more on emphasising its connection to Disney’s history. For example, when you get your menu in the restaurant, there’s a charming story behind the dishes inside and how they relate to Walt’s personal favourites and memories of the things he liked related to that food.  

An appetising bowl of golden-coloured corn soup in a classic white bowl with Mickey Mouse emblem
Sweet Corn Soup, Isigny Creme Fraiche and Smoked Popcorn (I requested no Pastrami)
A plate of delicious looking fish, wild rice and butter sauce. Next to it is a pink drink (a Shirley Temple)
Cajun-spiced Arctic Char, Wild Rice with Corn and Coriander, Isigny Butter Sauce
A plate of Pineapple Upside-Down cake with a cherry on top
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake with Vanilla-Infused Isigny Creme Fraiche

Review of the Food / What I Ordered at Walt’s 

I’m a pescatarian, so I ordered the Sweet Corn Soup without the Pastrami, and that was very easy to request. It came very quickly with French bread and my drink. It tasted really nice and I loved the bits of popcorn on the top; it made that a dish I wouldn’t forget.

I followed the soup with Cajun-Spiced Arctic Char. This was a white fish with a lovely, buttery sauce and some wild rice. It wasn’t mind-blowing, but it tasted good and I would definitely order it again.

For dessert, I asked for the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. It was perhaps my least favourite course; it was a little dry and I wish I had splashed out on the special 30th Celebration Cake that came in the glass jar. I had table envy when the guests across from me ordered it. They said it was just ‘good’ but the pictures would have been worth it!

✏️ PRO TIP If you have any allergies or food aversions, put them in the request box when you make your dining reservation.

Main Street USA is made up of pink, beige and cream buildings with pretty canopies. People are milling about the shops and sky is blue
The view from the windows in the Disneyland Hotel-themed room at Walt’s American Restaurant.
TIP: This would be an excellent spot to watch the afternoon or evening parade.

Special Tips for Walt’s

Here’s the magical extras you’re looking for: the best tables and secret easter eggs to look out for.

🍽️ My 3 Special Tips for the Best Dining Experience at Walt’s

  • Time your visit with a parade and request a window seat on the East side. You will get an unparalleled view of Main Street.
  • Ask reception if your favourite room is available – they may be able to accommodate you.
  • If it’s working, use the beautiful glass elevator to ascend to the first-floor dining rooms. But don’t forget to check out the photos on the wall that line the stairs on the way down.

✨10 Secret Details to Look out for at Walt’s Disneyland Paris Restaurant

There are so many wonderful things for Disney fans to treasure at Walt’s An American Restaurant. Here are 10 secret things Disney fans will love to discover while they’re dining here.

1. Notice the address on the sign out front? 1401 Flower Street is also the location of Walt Disney Imagineering in California.

2. Near the piano downstairs is a zoetrope – a cylinder with vertical slips on the side that when spun, produces moving images. It is the earliest form of animation technology and a symbol of the way Walt helped revolutionize the movie-making industry.

3. You can’t miss the golden-caged mechanical singing bird. It is understood to be a true replica of the bird which Walt bought for his wife Lily in New Orleans, as she was so taken with it. In 1949, he instructed his Imagineers to take it apart to discover how it worked. And, of course, it inspired Walt Disney’s audio-animatronics for all of his legendary attractions.  

A beautiful piece of oakwood furniture displays vintage photographs of the Disney family
Look closely and you can just about see the mechanical bird in the golden cage at the top of this Disney family photo display.

4. Walt Disney’s initials – WD – on the canopies and in other parts of the restaurant mirror the same interlaced initials he had on his apartment in New Orleans Square at Disneyland California.

5. The pictures which line the stairs to the 1st floor start from his early creation of Mickey Mouse on to the release of his first feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and even to the opening of his beloved Disneyland in California. Unfortunately, he didn’t live to see the opening of Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris.

6. The fireplace in the Discoveryland room is an artistic masterpiece. It is made from walnut trees from the Amazon Rainforest and topped with a celestial sphere inspired by the book, ‘Earth to Moon.’ There’s even a model of the Nautilus in the Discoverlyand room. (You will see more love letters to this novel and Jules Verne when you visit the Nautilus in Discoveryland!)

7. There are several statues to spot, look out for Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio, the Queen of Hearts and a scene from Snow White. These were made by Imagineers specifically for Walt’s Restaurant.

A table set with a white tablecloth presents a green menu for Walt's American Restaurant. The menu is well-worn

8. Be sure to read the stories about Walt in the descriptions next to the dishes on the menu. For example, the Waldorf Salad came from a recipe that Walt had on his refrigerator at home.

9. Listen out for any songs you might recognise in the restaurant’s background music. You might music from Little Mermaid’s ‘Under the Sea,’ Sleeping Beauty’s ‘Once Upon A Dream,’ ‘It’s a Small World,’ Winnie the Pooh’s theme, Lady and the Tramp’s Bella Notte, and many more of your favourite Disney films and attractions in beautiful piano style.

10. The gift shop next door is called Lilly’s Boutique (after Walt’s wife). Most of its decorations were props which originally came from the restaurant. Today the shop has a selection of Disney kitchen and home items. The restaurant’s soundtrack also plays in the boutique.

A bill holder for Disneyland Paris restaurants. It is black with a golden Tinkerbell flying across it

Overall Thoughts on This Disneyland Paris Restaurant

Walt’s is not going to win Michelin stars, but the food is a very pleasant experience, especially inside a theme park.

What makes Walt’s really stand out is its atmosphere. If you’re seeking an experience that combines Disney nostalgia, comfort food, and a personal connection to Walt Disney himself, then this restaurant is an absolute treat.

Over to You…

I hope you enjoyed this deep dive into Walt’s Disneyland Paris Restaurant. Will you be booking a table? Have you got any more questions? Let me know in the comment box below. 👇

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